Moon Phase: Waning Half Moon (04/12/2015)



Naoki slowly opened his eyes. A cute redhead stared at him.

“Asura,” she exclaimed gleefully.

Awake. He was awake now. “Pixie?”

“Uh-huh.” She flew in a graceful somersault, showcasing her purple leotard and boots.

He sat up. “But…how?”

“We’ve been wondering that ourselves.”

Dante walked into Naoki’s vision. He looked weird without the red coat.

“You wished for the world to return to how it was. A world without demons, right? So why is the pixie here?”

“I’m not a demon. I’m a fairy.”

“You know there’s no difference.”

“Maybe not literally, but it seems important to me.”

Naoki chuckled. Pixie and Dante did have a habit of arguing.


“Yeah, Dante?”

“Why were you fighting people in the church?”

“So you saw that?”

“I felt demons in there, so I was going over to take a look. Heard the commotion and a moment later you come flying out their window.”

“Stupid garu,” Naoki hissed under his breath.


“I have a name.”

“Asura,” Pixie stated.

“Naoki. My name is Naoki Kashima. It just didn’t seem worth much during the conception.”

Pixie placed her hands on one of his. “You’ll always be my confused Asura.”

He smiled slightly. “Thanks, Pix.”

“And you’ll always be kid to me.”

“Slightly less thanks, Dante.”

The devil hunter shrugged. “What’s going on?”

Naoki sighed. “Metatron kidnapped my brother?”

“What’s a brother?”

“He’s another child of my parents. A little younger than me.”

Pixie nodded, fluttering closer to Dante.

“Younger? What do they want with a kid?”

“That’s what I’m trying to find out. Metatron handled it personally, so it must be important, and I think they wanted me to try to follow.”


Dante and Naoki both smiled. Pixie had a real way with words.

“And they’re in that church,” Dante reasoned. “Makes sense.”

“Then we go in there and take them out,” Pixie announced.

Naoki shook his head. “Bad idea. They’ve got the people in there pretty well brainwashed.”

“It can be hard to resist an angel. If they’ve been exposed frequently then it’s no surprise they attacked you.”

“I don’t think I killed anyone. I tried not to anyway.”

“I believe you.”

“Wait. Not killing anyone? I mean, I don’t like a blood bath, but they were attacking you.”

“Humans aren’t demons, Pix. They aren’t infinite.”

“I’m not infinite either,” she countered.

“I know that, but I also know you’re very different from other pixies. Most of them might as well just be copies of one another.”

Dante stood. “Alright, kids, that’s enough. We’ll worry about the philosophical quandary later. Right now, we need to figure out how to get the kid out in public and home.”

“More a pain than it’s worth.”

“Maybe, but with one kid missing I’m sure your parents don’t want to lose track of another one.”

“They’d be happy enough to trade.”


“Sorry, Dante, just speaking the truth. But you’re right, I shouldn’t worry them if I don’t have to.”

“At least call them.”

Naoki nodded.

Dante handed him his cellphone. “It fell out during the fight, but I managed to retrieve it when mass let out.”

“Thanks.” Naoki looked at the screen. Five calls from his mother. Oh boy. He went ahead and dialed.

One ring. “Naoki. Oh thank goodness, where are you?”

“Just with a friend. I fell asleep so I missed your calls.”

“I see. Is everything alright?”

“Yeah. Fine. Just, randomly hoping I see my brother walking down the street or something, you know? Must have been more tired than I thought?”

“Alright. Come home soon, okay?”


His mother hung up. He put the phone down.

“You get wordier when you’re nervous,” Dante remarked.

“Do you always talk that fast around your mother?” Pixie asked, fluttering straight into his face.

“No. Usually I don’t talk to her. You’d think she’d notice.”

Pixie pouted, settling herself into his lap. “I can tell.”

“And so can I,” Dante added with a smile. “Now, why don’t you go home like you said you would? Pix and I can keep an eye on things at the church.”

“Yeah. We can go in tomorrow and be all rested.”

“Sorry, guys, I have…”

“School?” Dante asked.

Naoki nodded. “Yeah. If I miss now my parents will really freak.”

“Does it matter?”

He looked down at pixie. Does it matter? “If I don’t go they’ll get really suspicious.”

Dante sat down beside him. “We’ll be there, kid. Whatever you decide, we’ll wait for you at the church. You can show up in the morning or not. Doubt we have too long, but it’s up to you if you want to risk a falling out with your family.”


“He’ll come to us.”

Dante picked pixie up by the wings.

“Hey, stop that you big meanie!”

“His decision, Pix. Either way, we’ll walk you home.”

“You sure?”

Pixie sighed, going limp. “I guess. You won’t abandon us.”

“Of course I won’t, Pix. You and Dante are the ones who stood beside me.”

“We weren’t the only demons,” Pixie lamented.

Dante dropped her back into Naoki’s lap. “Speak for yourself.”

“And he tried to kill you.”

Noaki grinned. “I know, but you’re more my friends than the others.” He thought for a moment. “I wonder if I could summon them again?”

“You haven’t even tried?” Pixie fluttered back up to his face.

“Didn’t occur to me, but with you guys here…probably.”

“Test that before the fight tomorrow.”

Naoki nodded. Pixie sighed. Dante grinned.


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