This last week has been, minus one major setback, pretty great.  I attended Hatsune MIku’s concert in San Francisco on Saturday, the short film festival on Sunday, had amazing sushi, and now it’s my birthday.

I’ve been into vocaloid for a while now, but had mostly stopped exploring it.  Miku Expo reminded me how much I really love vocaloid and its community.  All these creators coming together, all these ways to express yourself while simultaneously belonging to a community.  It’s really great.

And so I decided I want to delve back into the content.  The plan is a weekly list of five songs picked based on a theme.  This week it’s songs that make me smile, with preference given to the ones included in Miku Expo.  I’m going to try to avoid doubling up on creators in a given week, as well songs.  There’s so much out there and, while this week is pretty standard, I hope to use this as a reminder to explore more on my own as well.  When there’s an English cover I really like for a song I will include it as well.

So, let’s do this.

Blue Star by HachiojiP

The main theme for this year’s Miku Expo seemed like a good place to start.  I first ran into HachiojiP with Sweet Devil on Project Diva f.  If you’re looking for fun beats, he’s definitely a go-to producer.

You can get the song from the official Miku Expo EP.  I got mine at Kinnokuniya, but you can also order it from CDJapan.

Byakkoya no Musume (KAITO) – Paprika End Theme Cover

Okay, so most of what’s on this list is going to be kind of old, that doesn’t change how I feel about it.  This song is so rich and full, and Kaito.  What’s not to love?  On top of that it’s a cover for the end theme of one of my favorite movies, Paprika.

The song can be found on the Exit Tunes album Vocalodream (which is great, by the way).  The movie, Paprika, can be found on Amazon.


Remote Controller (Rimocon) – Jesus-P

If you’re looking for super fast sibling rivalry, Jesus-P is the producer for you.  His Rin and Len Songs tend to the ridiculously adorable and super fast.  Amazingly, JubyPhonic has managed to cover a couple of them, and they sound great.  I admit it, I first ran into this one on Project Diva F.

You can find this song on Amazon MP3.

And JubyPhonic’s excellent English cover:


NeapolitaN – ApolP and Aki Glancy

Wait, a song not sung by a Crypton vocaloid?  Yep, Yohioloid’s actually a favorite, pretty much entirely based on this song.  If you check out the description it’s up for download too, so you can listen to it as much as you’d like.  I’d suggest giving the lyrics a read as well.

Sekiranun Graffiti- Supercell

Okay, so this is rather old and very well known.  It’s still one of my absolute favorite songs for cheering myself up.  Something about this song, especially with it’s music video,  make me want to go on an adventure.  Incidentally, Supercell is generically pretty awesome.


Click here to link to the playlist on YouTube.  Or watch it embedded below if you want to just listen to all the songs.  This playlist while likely get filled with more upbeat music as I progress, so I hope you can keep enjoying it.


If you have suggestions for themes or producers to check out let me know in the comments.  I’m up for adventuring with Vocaloid again.


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