English software and vocaloids have made producing music in a myriad of languages easier over the years.  While Japanese is still generally more prominent there are a few English producers I really adore, plus the occasional odd song.  I don’t think I’m getting too obscure yet, but some of these songs are definitely newer.

Sharing the World – Bighead

I honestly don’t have a lot to say about this one.  I like it.  It’s in English and uses Miku.

Ten Thousand Stars – CircusP

There’s going to be a lot of CircusP as these lists continue.  His song, Insanity, is what finished exciting me for Vocaloid.  I’ll probably just have his songs as a theme one week.  This song won the Miku Expo song contest for 2016’s tour and utilized Miku English.

Dream With You – Guitar Hero Piano Zero (GHPZ)

I mostly think of GHPZ for remixes, but when he does original songs they tend to be rather good.  I’d guess he’s best know for Glass Wall, which also played at the Miku Expo, but I really love his work with Yohioloid.  Okay, I just really love Yohioloid, but I’ve found it difficult to find songs I really like with him.  When I do, I leap upon it.

You can purchase this song at bandcamp.

Two Weeks- EmpathP

As is typical for EmpathP, another favorite, the lyrics to this song are beautiful and touching.  I was going to include another song by her instead, but that might just happen on a Yohioloid day.  This one is sung by Dex.

It can also be purchased at Bandcamp.

Creative – Eyeris (Creep-P)

A little bit of Avanna love, since I’d already included EmpathP in this list.  I ran into this song via Circus-P’s remix.  It’s quite catchy.

I’m linking you to the deluxe edition on Bandcamp, since it includes Circus’ remix.

Original Version

Circus-P Remix

And here’s the Playlist.


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