Theoretically, today is national haiku day, so I thought I’d focus on songs with either a somewhat traditional sounds, or from a more traditional source (such as folktales and legends).

Kagome no Tori/ Bird Cages

The song Kagome is sort of the Japanese equivalent of Ring Around the Rosy.  It’s cute, has a game that goes with it, and is not so secretly evil, frequently representing a trap (it can mean cage).

Kagome, Kagome/ Circle you, Circle you

Speaking of Kagome being insanely creepy.  Here’s a version which connects to ghosts and nazi experimentation on orphans.

Better yet?  I’ve got covers.  Love them both, so decided to post them both.

First is rockleetist’s version.  Both versions use her lyrics.

I kind of like it sung by a deep voice though, so here’s Ashe’s version.

Dream Eating Monochrome Baku

The baku is one of my favorite mythological creatures.  Traditionally a guardian, the baku eats nightmares.  If you’re particularly troubled you call out to it, and it’s considered good luck to have the kanji for its name stitched onto a pillow so it knows to come.

However, there’s a dark side to the baku as well, especially in popular culture.  After all, a creature that only eats nightmares might enjoy causing them as well (much of the plot of the manga Nightmare Inspector), or perhaps it will decide to simply eat all your dreams away.

Here’s a cover I like of this one.  There’s another popular English cover, but it pushes more towards the impish side and less the tricksters.

Tsugai Kogarashi

Not only does this one sound a little more traditional, but it’s apparently based on a folktale as well.  Mostly though, I just think both Kaito and Meiko sound really lovely here.

Also, with the wonders of digital music, you can purchase a version of it from amazon, here.

Seasonal Feathers

Okay, so it’s kind of cheating.  That said, this is a great story beautifully told by Kagamine Rin and Len.

There’s a couple of covers I really like of this one, but I’ve decided to go with the Lucy and Ham version because I feel like their translation makes the story clearer.  If you want to look up JoyDreamer as well, she also covers this song beautifully.

The song, and entire album, can be found on Amazon here.

As usual, here’s the playlist.  And, if you need a shot of happiness after ending on Seasonal Feathers (your welcome) here’s a post I did on vocaloid songs which make me smile.


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