If you’re into vocaloid then you may have already heard about the kickstarter project for Vocamerica (found here), but if you haven’t, it’s an attempt to bring english speaking vocaloid concerts around the country.  Right now it’s just Nekocon, but there’s some nice prizes for backing and the better this goes off, the more likely it is to become a proper touring concert (at conventions at least).

The project is fully funded, and has hit several stretch goals, but if you want Sonika, or improvements to projection equipment, there’s still a bit more to go.  Seeing as I’ve posted some vocaloid song lists before, I thought I’d do some featuring the performers for Vocamerica.  If you like how they sound, consider spreading the love and backing the kickstarter project.

Click the titles if you want to head to the video on YouTube.  Also, you can listen to music on BandCamp without an account and, generally, without purchasing it, so don’t worry about following those links.  I just keep a wishlist and buy as I can, meanwhile enjoying the music to remind myself why I want it.

A Wicked Boy and a Tin Girl by Empath-P

If you like this song you can purchase it on Bandcamp (here).

Que decida el corazón by CYOStyle

Okay, so it’s in Spanish, that’s still definitely America (Latin America, not Spain).  Honestly, finding a good Maika song was my first time listening to this myself, and it’s quite lovely.  CYOStyle is listed as one of the contributing artists for Vocamerica and I have to sound this sounds quite nice.

I don’t think this is on an album currently, but here’s his Bandcamp account.

Breaking Point by MystSaphyr and Crusher-P

And one UTAU for variety.  I’m actually very fond of this song, so no problems here.

Pretty positive I’ve linked to this before, but here’s the album on Bandcamp.  I definitely suggest it.

Unbreakable by YusukeKira

I’ve had Ruby suggested to me before, but this is actually my first time seeking her out.  She does sound really nice, so I definitely look forward to hearing more.

There’s an extended version of the song available on Bandcamp.

Now, on to the stretch goal vocaloids!

Emotionless by Circus-P

So, this is not the most beautiful Avanna song out there.  I admit that and if this is your first exposure to her I, kind of, apologize.  If it makes you feel better, it was mine too.  And, honestly, I really love it.

You can find this song on Bandcamp here.  If you want to hear more of Avanna, I suggest hitting up this album.

Sunflowers in Your Eyes by Empath-P

As the list began with Empath-P so too shall it end.  Seems fitting seeing as she’s the one heading the project.  This song has come to mean a lot to me.  It both cheers me up and makes me melancholy, often calling on me to think of my friends.  Really, the whole album is like that (found here).

So there you have it, I’ll see about forming a proper playlist later, but this had to be a bit of a rush job to make sure I actually did it in time for people to donate to Vocamerica.

If you’re interested in what else I listen to on Bandcamp by account can be found here.  It’s mostly vocaloid and indie game soundtracks.  If you liked hearing some English speaking vocaloid you can check out my previous blogpost.  There may be doubles, I admit, but I generally try to avoid that.  I found some cool new songs looking into these vocaloids, so I hope you did too.


I added all but the Maika song to my English Vocaloid Playlist.  Amazingly, no doubles.


Also, the kickstarter has reached stretch goals for all of its vocaloids plus Big Al!  If you want in on it you can find the kickstarter by following this link.  As of posting this update there are only 29 hours to go.


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