Vocaloid Tales

Vocaloid Tales

Tales of Berseria comes out tomorrow!  So much excitement, hype, and love.  Keep an eye out, because I’m planning to livestream it.  So excited!

Anyway, given that, I thought I’d look for some cool stories.  Music has a long history of telling stories and vocaloid is no different.

Given that Berseria has a bit of a pirate them going for it (and that I just saw Finding Neverland on state), I thought I’d start with…

The Portrait of the Pirate F by ひとしずく×やま△ (Hitoshizuku_Yamasankakkei)

There are so many covers of this song it’s almost hard to dig out the original.  That’s actually pretty rare.

And here’s the album, if you want more fairytale magic.

English Cover from Rachie& Co.

Spanish Cover from KagaminTwinsFD (02)

Sleipnir by Harry (?)

I have a longstanding love of this song, so it really surprised me I wasn’t inundated by videos when I searched for it.  Also, yes, the fact this horse doesn’t have six legs bothers me.


Revenge Syndrome by Suzumu and mafumafu

Since revenge is a big theme is Berseria, this seemed appropriate.

The Grimm Reminder by Empath-P

Despair and changes, a new beginning.  It seems appropriate.

Check out the album on Bandcamp.

Death Should Not Have Taken Thee by Jesus-P/WondorfulOpportunity!

Always appropriate when prepping for a video game release.

Additionally, you can purchase this song and its album on Amazon.

English Cover by Jubyphonic


My Playlist

If you want to listen to all of the songs from this week and weeks previous, here’s the playlist.

Additionally, I am planning to stream some of Project Diva every Monday evening (Pacific Time).  Exact time is unknown.  I will take song requests and have it set so my mistakes don’t cause you to miss any of the song.

So yeah, check out my Twitch.



Fall to Rebirth: Chapter 27

Fall to Rebirth: Chapter 27

Shadow World

Raidou stared at the doppelganger before him.  “Who are you?”

“I told you.  I’m you. Or, in our case, you used to be me.”  He bounded off the large rock.  “There’s a whole spiel I’m supposed to make here about how you’re me, and I’m you, but honestly it seems pointless.  You’re happy a wandering zombie and I don’t want the job.”

He walked up to Raidou, holding out his hand.  “Akira Miyagawa.”

Raidou stared, breathing growing ragged.  Sure enough, that was his birth name.

“Seriously?”  Akira leaned forward, grabbing Raidou’s hand.  “I thought you came in prepared, all variables accounted for.”  He firmly shook the forcibly grabbed hand.  “But it shouldn’t be a problem, right?  You threw me away after all.”

Raidou just stared.  So this was his Shadow.

“Yep.”  Akira stepped back.  “That’d be me, Mr. Shadow.  Nice little home I got here, huh?  Nice and traditional.  Honestly, I hate it, but so do you.  Guess that’s part of the point.”

“You know what I’m thinking?”

“Not literally,” the Shadow admitted.  “I just know because I know how you think.  That I’m your shadow is the most likely conclusion given the situation, and you’re right.”

“What’s your goal?”

“My goal?”  Akira tilted his head oddly.  “That’s a good question.  I’ll admit a set of clashing desires, like instinct and logic.  I want to take your place.  I want you to accept me.  Just saying that makes me want to puke.  Actually, scratch that, it just takes thinking about it.  If I replaced you they’d make me be Raidou and bull on that.  But, if you accept me…I still have to do it.  Quite the conundrum we live.”

“You don’t want to kill me?”

“Ew.  I’m not killing myself.  You may be the failure version of me, but for some reason you’re the one in the real world and I’m stuck tied to you.  Who knows what happens to me if you die?  Ugh.  Does that mean I have to rely on you?  Maybe I should just lock you up.”

“Imprison me then?”

“I’d rather not,” Akira admitted.


“You’re me.  Imagine talking to you for the rest of eternity.”

“Point taken.”

“Right?  I’m terrible company, and you’re worse.  I have a horrible sense of humor, when I have one, and am fundamentally a power-hungry vengeful piece of shit.”


Akira shrugged.  “I’m not wrong.  At least I admit it though.  Wouldn’t it be nice to drop the whole Raidou gig and just go hunt down the idiot who murdered mom and dad?  I’m sure grandfather did it already, but I’d still like to know why.  Why were they killed?  And who was stupid enough to do it?  Come up with a pretty excuse about how I’m helping everyone, sure, but frankly if I could just do whatever the hell I want I’d be happier.”


He shrugged again.  “Probably comes with being a Shadow.  Odin knows you’re not honest, so I don’t get it from you.  You don’t even really want to be, but when it comes to me and you, oh yeah.  It takes a lot of self-awareness to be a Shadow.”

“Wordy too.”

“Well, yeah.  No one said I was born a mute.”  He looked away.  “Just sort of forced into one.  I’d talk more, but it just doesn’t seem worth it.  The world is filled with idiots after all.  They’re either too dumb to get it no matter what you say or so smart you don’t have to say anything.”

“Where am I then?”

“Well, I’d like to say you’re an idiot, but we both know I’m not.  In fact, I’m damn near genius, but no, you have to go throwing me away and for what?  You hate your job.”

“Fair enough.”

“See?  It’s the pits, and you know it.  But, if you try to pull out now you’ll get brutally murdered.  Not good for either of us and I have no delusions on the outcome.  Fuckin’ Kyouji’s a sniper.”

Raidou choked down a chuckle.  Getting ripped into was a new experience for him, but so far, extremely accurate.

“See?  I’m right, about everything.  Well, not everything, but life would get really boring really fast if I were.  Knowledge is great.  Knowing everything would suck.”

“What to do?”

“Good question.  I vote tea.”

Raidou started.  Not the answer he had expected.

“Honestly,” he stepped a little closer, “I can’t force you to leave.  You have to want it, and I think you’re too curious to want it.  Add to that the fact you can’t accept me since that would mean denying Raidou, but I’m so right you can’t get yourself to deny me either, we’re in a bit of a mess.  Given the situation,” he gestured towards a larger building, “we might as well have tea.”  He paused.  “I suppose getting drunk together would be an option too, but I’m not sure if that’s possible.”

“That’s okay.  I don’t want to hear a drunk version of me.”

“Ugh.  Right back at you.  Gross.  Anyway, pretty sure I can make up some awesome tea, if you’ll follow me?”

Raidou just shook his head in confusion.  This wasn’t exactly what he’d thought when Souji and Butterfly had described the concept of shadows to him, but he had to admit intrigue.



Akira hadn’t been kidding.  He made a good cup of tea.  Not as good as Miss Narumi’s, but still.  He used a nice green tea, with just a bit of sweetener and some milk.  It was really quite tasty, and nowhere near as sweet as cafes liked to make.

They sat on a veranda overlooking the courtyard.  Even as they’d sat there a small stream had begun to run through the area, circling the stone and allowing plants to grow.

“Does it always change like this?”

“Pretty much.  I think.”  Akira shrugged.  “Whatever the case, it suits me.”

“Peaceful of you.”

“I am relaxing right now.”

Raidou breathed in the air.  Strange how clean and beautiful it felt, even as he registered that it wasn’t quite right.  “Why a shrine?”

“Don’t you recognize it?  This is where we trained to become Raidou, along with that jerk and the coward.”

“Oh yeah.”

“And the pretty girl.”

“Never liked her much.”

“Yeah, but she wasn’t so bad, and she did take good care of us.”

“I guess.  Her advances though…”

“Yeah.  That was way too much.  Surprised I kept my cool through all of that.  I’m not just some breeder and I don’t like being treated like one either.”

Raidou smiled.  The current Geirin had approached him almost immediately about the prospect of a child.  Things were peaceful in her region after all.

“And then there’s the current Geirin,” Akira added.”  “It’s just gross.  I know she’s not really related to us, but no.”

“Weird how similar we are.”

“Be weirder if we weren’t.  And don’t lie to yourself, you’re taking some comfort in knowing that the you you threw away still exists.  Some of me’s still in there, just waiting to shine.”

“Shine, huh?  Sounds like a good way to get in trouble.”

“Maybe sometimes that’s what you need.”

“I’m not strong enough.”

“You could be.”

Both of them knew better than to continue the conversation past that point, so Akira just let Raidou keep his thoughts internal for a bit.  Besides, something had just entered his domain.  He focused in on that.  Two very powerful entities.  No, three, but two were closely linked.  He could feel the presence of something beyond him, something which simply existed on a different scale.

Should he send the weaker shadows after them?  Or should he simply let them arrive?  The concept of keeping Raidou around had occurred to him, but he could tell the shell wasn’t inside his domain, just the mind.  The thought of the shell being destroyed, and the mind with it, bothered him more than he liked to admit.  After all, he wasn’t exactly a separate being.

He ordered the shadows to simply watch.  Creep them out a little, but not attack.

“I think your new allies have arrived.”

“They’re fast.”

“Hmmm.  One of them has done this before and the other…”


“Yes.”  Akira stood.  “Not sure I can resist testing my strength against this pair.”

“Do you really care that much?”

“Of course I do!  In my strength lies my freedom, my ultimate joy.  How could I not want to give it a go?”

“What if they win?”

“I’m in my domain,” Akira explained.  “Even if they win, I won’t be destroyed.  Besides, I know some fun tricks I’ve been looking forward to trying.”

“What if you win?”

“Good question.  I wonder if I could kill them.”

“They’re my responsibility.”

“And yet you became theirs.  Pathetic.”


“Right, right.  I’m power-hungry and violent, not evil.  Barely.  Very barely.  Would you feel better if I invited them in?”

Raidou looked away.  The next layer of understanding in how surreal this really was had just stared to hit.  His shadow cared about what happened, and how he felt.

“Well?  You’ll have to be my captive, ew, gross.  Never mind.  Scratch that.  You’re me and I sure as hell never want to play captive.”



“Sorry.  It’s just weird.  Shadows are supposed to be dangerous for the people who birth them, right?”

“You still have my face.  And my basic mannerisms.  Upsetting you might be fun, but I don’t really want to put you in a situation I refuse to see myself in.”

“Then I’ll watch.”  Raidou sipped his tea.  Curious to see how this goes.  Just, don’t seriously hurt them.”

“Yeah, yeah, we’ll set it up like some of kind of stupid duel if it’ll make you happy.”

“Thank you.”

“Ridiculous.”  Akira waved his arms out wide.  A circle in the stones, completely empty on the inside.  Two of the buildings separated, creating a clear path.  Along that path stood shadows, of various forms, who then spread out along the edge of the circle.   “Nice turnout.”

“They are your minions.”

“Yep.  I think some of them are bits of me, even, but I’m not sure.  Maybe the weaker ones just like to live in a stronger one’s domain?  Who knows?  It’d be interesting to find out though.”  He provided a wolfish grin.

A moment later Souji and Butterfly cautiously stepped into the courtyard.

“Welcome,” Akira called.  He grinned widely.

Butterfly looked cautiously around.  Souji strode forward.  “Are you Raidou’s Shadow?”

“I suppose shells do cast shadows,” Akira admitted.  He strode to the middle of the ring.  “But what happens when the shadow is sturdier than the shell?  Unfair to think the shadow cracks alongside.”

“Who are you?”

“You already asked that with an assumption.  Just because I am not a complete match does not mean you’re allowed to neglect the truth before you.”


Butterfly moved up beside Souji.  “What do you want?”

“Freedom, of course.  I want my freedom.”  A katana appeared in his hands.

“Get ready,” Butterfly warned.

“One on one.”

“We won’t do anything that limits our ability to save Raidou,” Souji declared.  Izanagi appeared above him.  “Ziodyne.”

Akira shuddered slightly, but showed no other signs of damage.  Most notably, the lightning failed to stun him.  He charged forward with a yell.  The arena itself seemed to respond, light raining down on Souji and Butterfly.

Izanagi vanished.

Akira got right in Souji’s face.

“Vorpal blade,” Butterfly called.  Thanatos appeared, ready to launch a flurry of slashes on Akira.

Akira slid his blade into Souji’s gut.

Thanatos landed the hits.  Akira pulled back.

Blood didn’t come out of the wound.  Instead, the katana pulled forth a viscous black substance from Souji’s body.

Akira swung at the offending persona.

More black ooze.  Souji tried to summon a persona to heal himself, but he couldn’t find it.

Thanatos leapt back, letting out a roar of anger.

Akira charged.

More blackness.

Butterfly came beside Souji.  “What is this?”

“I don’t know.”  Souji’s knees gave out from under him.

“Does it hurt?”

“No.  It’s just…”


“Empty.”  He wretched then, black ooze frothing forth.

This time, it seemed not to just viscous, but almost solid.  It slowly began to shape itself into a humanoid form.

Butterfly pulled Souji back.  The pain of thorns cutting into his flesh returned Souji to coherence enough to stagger back with is companion.

Thanatos disappeared.  Akira turned to the persona users.  Despite the fight with Thanatos he had only a single gash across on arm to show for it, and even that didn’t look very serious.

He didn’t pursue though, instead tilting his head to watch the newly formed shadow as it staggered to its feet.

The ooze slowly began to slide off.

“What is this?” Souji whispered.

“Birth,” Butterfly responded.  “A shadow being born.”


The first thing truly revealed was bandages.  The shadow, while distinctly human in shape, was covered in bandages.  Most notable were the long ones wrapped around the eyes.  They flowed against the hair, a dull silver, until the two became indistinguishable.  The next most notable thing was the fact that this shadow was clearly female.  She wore a thin shroud, which really didn’t matter with all the bandages, but her form was still clear enough.

She seemed to look around, even though she couldn’t see.

“Souji,” Butterfly whispered.

He nodded.  This then, this was his shadow.  That would certainly explain why he couldn’t feel Izanagi at all, but how could this have even happened?

The arena disappeared, reverting to a more normal looking courtyard.

“I should have only caught a fragment,” Akira breathed, seemingly shocked at his own abilities.  He had intended to see if he could stun the persona long enough to get at the human behind it.  He certainly hadn’t intended to draw out the persona user’s shadow.  He hadn’t even thought he could.

The shadow turned to him.  “I’m sorry.”

Raidou came down to stand just slightly behind Akira.  “What did you do?”

She shrieked.  A shot of black and Raidou reeled back, mouth covered in rubbery shadow stuff.

“No questions.”

“Wa-“ Akira clamped his mouth shut.  “That’s an interesting rule.”

Souji forced himself up to her.  He knew what he had to do and felt no apprehension in his approach.  If this was his shadow, then so be it.  “I don’t understand how this happened, but you’re my shadow.  I can see that.”

She reached out her hands.  He let her place them on his face.

“We have the same face.  I know that.  I accept you.”

Her nails dug deep into his skin.  “Liar.  Liarliarliarliar!”  She ripped back, drawing blood as she peeled off the skin.

Akira grabbed her before she stumbled back.  “Don’t push yourself.  You’re still a newborn.”  A powerful newborn, sure, but a newborn.

Butterfly took a look at the scratch marks.  “Guess you have to mean it.”

“But I do.  I don’t understand what’s wrong or how this happened.”

“No one cares,” the shadow whispered.  She leaned against Akira.  “No one cares.”

“Tell us your name,” Raidou pushed, hands in front of his mouth in case she decided to send more gunk.  “I’d like to know what to call you.”

She whispered, “Izanami.”

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Alright, this week I’m choosing an artist as a theme.  PinocchioP takes center stage!  Why?  Because I’ve recently gotten into a couple of songs and couldn’t come up with a better theme.  Expect similar themes in the long run.

Hope you enjoy!

Common World Domination

Got into this one via Project Diva: Future Tone.  It’s one of the songs that got me interested in doing this week’s theme.


All I Need Are Things I Like

Blame JubyPhonic for this one.  It popped up on her Facebook page, I took a listen, and I fell horribly in love.

You can buy this song on Amazon.

Slow Motion

Nice to Meet You, Mr. Earthling

If you want more PinocchioP, here’s the link for the official YouTube channel.

I’m Glad You’re Evil Too

Buy the album on Amazon.

If you want to listen to all these songs, and previous weeks, check out my playlist.  See you next week!

Fall To Rebirth: Chapter 26

Fall To Rebirth: Chapter 26

Inside Out


Souji watched Raidou go down, but with a giant crocodile, hippo…thing coming at him, found it impossible to respond.

“Don’t let it hit your persona,” Butterfly warned.

Persona nothing.  Souji didn’t want the giant shadow slamming into him at all.  He dove away, moving away from the unconscious Raidou as well.  Better the enemies never even notice.

The shadow followed him.

“Ziodyne,” he hissed.  Izanagi appeared long enough to send a bolt of electricity crashing down.

The huge shadow barely slowed.

Izanagi became Loki.  “Garudyne.”

Wind whipped around the giant shadow.  It barely slowed.  Just how strong was this thing?

The sound of a lyre gently struck.  The beginning of a melody.

Souji couldn’t even describe it.  It just made life seem threadbare, pointless, and miserable.  Around them several of the apathy syndrome cases slowly died.

“What is this?” the shadow user hissed, stepping back.  Even her shadow had stopped, caught in the melody.

Souji felt caught too.  He couldn’t get himself to do anything.  Tears slowly began to roll down his cheeks.

A pair of hands gently covered his ears.  The song seemed to vanish, but even so he could feel it.  A funeral dirge for all those lost.

“Attack now,” Butterfly whispered in his mind.

Souji looked at the woman and her shadow, both pressed down by the funeral dirge.  Only one attack seemed right now.

“Alice,” he whispered.  A persona in the form a young English girl appeared.  “Will they die for me?”

The girl twirled and curtsied.  A moment later cards rained down from the sky.  The woman simply looked up at them, her shadow doing likewise.

The shadow dissipated.  The woman fell to her knees.

The hands moves away.  The dirge had stopped.  Butterfly approached her.

“Not so hard to destroy a shadow.”

She stared at the ground.  “How?  You couldn’t even harm it, and now it’s gone.”

“You’re right.”  Butterfly kneeled down across from her.  “Shadows are never really gone, just severed.  To use shadows not even your own.  Despicable.”

Souji glanced over at Raidou.  The cat, Gouto, crouched on the fallen man’s back, carefully keeping an eye on things.  What had happened to him?

“What do you know?  You who found joy.”

“You take joy in harming others.  In encouraging them to simply stop.”  Butterfly reached out a hand, palm resting on her forehead.  Her eyes widened.  Then, with just a soft whimper, she fell.  Butterfly stood.

“How’s Raidou?”

Souji stared.  “What did you do to her?”

“Just let her know what dying feels like.  It should keep her down for a while.”

“Why aren’t the police here yet?”

Butterfly looked around at all the bodies.  “Maybe better that way.”  He moved over to Raidou.  “May I have a look?”

Gouto jumped off.

“Souji, could you flip him over?”

“Huh?  Sure.”  Souji moved over to turn Raidou over to his back.  “Why can’t you do it?”

“Feeling prickly.”

Raidou’s breathing was shallow, but steady.

Souji let out a relieved sigh.  “He looks like he’s sleeping.”

“Hmmm…” Butterfly lightly tapped Raidou on the nose.  Nothing.  “Someone’s not home.”


“Shadow world.”


“I don’t know how,” Butterfly admitted, “but I think he got drug in.”

“He’s not a persona user.”

“We need to go after him.”

They heard a great crash from next door.  A moment later a couple of armed police officers charged into the room.

“No one move,” they shouted.

Butterfly and Souji immediately held up their hands.

A plainclothes detective walked through the doorframe.  “Put your guns down.  Just because we said it might get dangerous doesn’t mean you need to look for an excuse.  Identify people who’ll need help when the paramedics get here.”

“Yes, sir.”  The armed men began examining the room.  The detective approached Souji and Butterfly.  He cast a concerned look down at Raidou.

“I’m guessing one of you is Souji Seta?”

“Yeah. That’s me.”

“Good.  I’m Detective Daisuke Sakamoto.  I’m Raidou’s guardian.”

Guardian?  That felt weird to think about.

“Well, I was.”  He sighed.  “What happened to him?”

“We’re trying to figure that out,” Butterfly explained.  “If you get us somewhere quiet I think we can help him.”

“Somewhere quiet?  Hmmm.  Hard to do smack in the middle of a crime scene, especially moving this many people.”

“Speaking of which, the woman over there,” Butterfly gestured to the shadow user, “she’s part of the group running this.”

“Is that so?  Alright then, we’ll keep her confined until Raidou can question her properly.  In the meantime, agency or hospital?  I can have one of my men drive you.”

“Agency,” Butterfly responded.

Souji nodded.  It would probably be best to move Raidou somewhere familiar.

“Alright then.”  He pulled out a radio.  “I need someone to drive some witnesses to the Narumi Detective Agency.  Yes, that one.”  He sighed.  “Alright, we’ll wait.”

“The medics just arrived, so they’ll help move him.”


“Yeah, well, you all owe me an explanation when this is done.”



Souji hadn’t realized the agency had an upstairs, but by the time they’d gotten back Miss Narumi had already rolled out a futon for Raidou, made tea, and gotten some warm water ready so they could all wash up a bit.  When they got there she’d easily led everyone upstairs and cleaned off Raidou’s face.  She’d also removed all the excess equipment so he could rest more easily.

“Now, is there anything you two need?  According to Daisuke you think you can help.”

Butterfly nodded.  “Just quiet.  Don’t freak out if we’re not here.”

“Do you have any idea how many background checks I have to run?  I don’t intend to notice.  Gouto can keep an eye on you two.”

Souji bit his lip.  He had to ask.  “Um, excuse me, Miss Narumi?”


“How can you just accept this at face value?”

“Why wouldn’t we?  We’ve seen things over three fourths of the population vehemently denies, and even fewer actually see.  Why would we assume there wasn’t yet more to see?”

Butterfly smiled.  “How practical.”

“Denial serves no one.  Now, is there anything you need before I go?  And do you have a time estimate?  How long before I start worrying?”

“I have no idea,” Butterfly admitted.  He turned to Souji.  “I can get us in, but I’ve never done something like this.”

“I don’t know where it will put us, but it really depends.”  Souji regarded Miss Narumi.  She stood calm and confident.  “Hard to stay in for more than a couple hours though.”

Butterfly nodded before turning to Miss Narumi.  “Give us two hours.  If we’re not back by then you can worry.  Also, Raidou might show physical signs of stress.  We’re connecting to his mind, so I don’t know really know what will happen.  If it gets too intense he may need medical care.”

“Understood.  I’ll come up to check periodically.”

“Thanks, Miss Narumi.”  Souji looked at her.  “But, I’ve been wondering something.”

“Don’t you need to hurry?”

“She’s right.”

Souji sighed, but nodded in agreement.  How could they just trust him the way they did?

Miss Narumi seemed content with that and headed out.

“I don’t get it,” Souji whispered.

“Aren’t you the one all about friendship and faith?’

“Doesn’t it seem weird to you that they trust us so readily?”

“A bit,” Butterfly admitted, “but I don’t think they’re as trusting as you think.”

“What do you mean?”

“I think they’re more about giving us the chance to prove it.”  He looked down at Gouto.  “After all, it’s not like we’re unsupervised.”


“I guess so.”  Souji shook his head in an attempt to clear it.  “Anyway, how do we do this?”

Butterfly wrapped his arms around Souji.  “I think you just hang on.”


Souji felt something prick into his arms and shoulder.  “I can act as a portal.”

It hurt, seeming to wrap not just around his body but around Izanagi as well.

The world spun.  Souji closed his eyes.  The spinning sensation stopped.  He opened them again.

A giant Torii gate stood right in front of them.  Butterfly stood.

“Guess this is the entrance to his dungeon.”

“Yeah.”  Souji stood as well.  He felt a little dizzy, but otherwise fine.


“Yeah.  Let’s go save him.”

They walked through the gate together.

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Future Tone

Future Tone

Project Diva: Future Tone releases tomorrow (January 10) on the PSN in the United States.  Super excited for more songs and modules, and having all of it on my PS4.  I’ll have to delete some things for it, but I’m sure it will be worth it.

So, I ran down the song list to find some of my favorites in each pack.  Definitely reminded be that I’m looking forward to Colorful Tone, since there’s fewer songs I know in that pack.

Future Sound

Erase or Zero by Crystal-P feat. Kaito and Kagamine Len

You can purchase the song from Amazon MP3.

English Cover by Zoozbuh and Cammie Mille

Thousand Year Solo by yanagi feat. Kaito

One thing which will be very clear as I continue these posts is that I love Kaito with Len coming in closely behind.  As such, expect a decent amount of Kaito.

Happiness and Peace of Mind Committee by t.Komine feat. Hatsune Miku

I have a thing for upbeat, scary or depressing, songs.  It’s just a thing.  Even when I didn’t know the lyrics, hard to read while playing, I fell in love with this song.  Then I read the lyrics and fell in love even more.

Once more, you can actually purchase this one on Amazon.  The Rin and Len version is awesome too.

Bonus! Cover by Shiroko

An awesome cover by Shiroko.

Another Bonus! While looking for my videos for this song, YouTube helpfully popped up another one, which is connected.  According to the poster, it came with the first press printing for the second volume of novels for Happiness and Peace of Mind Committee.  Enjoy.

Soundless Voice by Hitoshizuku Kakeru Yama

I love this song.  In fact, I love the whole album it’s on.  Which, you can purchase on Amazon.

English Cover by Sir Hammet

One thing I like about this cover artist is that she often uses the original videos for songs.  Also, if you want to cry, she did all three of these, so you can follow up “Soundless Voice” with “Proof of Life” and “Endless Wedge”.  They’re all beautiful, so I highly suggest it.

Sweet Devil by Hachioji-P

Wait, a Japanese vocaloid artist who actually bothers with YouTube!  Yes, yes he does.  Anyway, this upbeat piece should be a nice pick-up, even if the video can be a bit creepy.

Colorful Tone

Deep Sea Girl by Yuuyu-P

World is Mine by Supercell

I like Supercell a lot, and that’s most of why this song is on here.  It’s a staple, but it’s honestly not my favorite and I wish they’d let something else open her concerts (though it does make sense when she’s traveling the world).

On the plus side, Supercell is enough of a staple to purchase on Amazon.

English Cover by JubyPhonic

Romeo and Cinderella by Doriko

English Cover by Miku-tan

I am obsessed with this cover.  That is all.

Clover Club by Yuuyu-P

Kokoro by Toraboruta

Did you really think I’d end with something happy?

You can purchase this on Amazon too.

English Cover by Froggie

Hope you enjoyed this sampling.  I’ll probably do another Future Tone related ones in a couple of weeks to go over new favorites.  In the meantime, what else would you like to see?  Favorite vocaloids, songs, videos, artists?

If you want to listen to all of these songs continuously, here’s the link to my playlist for these posts.

Fall to Rebirth: Chapter 25

Fall to Rebirth: Chapter 25

Time to Make History

Raidou sort of hobbled off the back of his motorcycle.  Souji had clung on for dear life the whole way and it took a moment to get his guts back in position.  “You always this clingy?”

“You’re a terrible driver,” the kid retorted.   Way too many kids in his life right now.

Butterfly manifested beside Souji.  “What’s the plan?”

Raidou strode up to an inconspicuous side door.

“Wasn’t expecting a fancy hotel,” Souji noted.  They stood in a small alley, beside a lavish looking hotel in Asakusa.

Raidou gave three sharp raps on the door.

“They have passwords,” Butterfly reminded him with a smirk.

Raidou paid him no mind.  Instead, he pulled a small tube out from his weapon belt.  “Turdak.”

The tube slid open.  A green glow emanated from the revealed glass capsule, leaking out.  To Souji it seemed to dissipate in the air.  To a summoner’s eyes, it congealed into the form of the demon stored inside.

Butterfly lost his smirk.  Beside Raidou stood a skeletal being holding two swords.  It wore banded armor and its head bobbed oddly, not quite able to supports itself without muscle.


Raidou gestured to the door.  “Remove this.”

The demon cackled, lining up its swords for a strike.  A great flurry of blows.  The door flew, in several different pieces, off its hinges.

Raidou strode forward, carefully stepping over the unconscious door guard.

Butterfly came in behind him.  “Nice friend.”

“tHank YOooUUu.”


The demon offered an awkward bow.

Souji carefully walked in behind them.  “How’d you do that?”

“You can’t tell?”

“No.”  Souji looked to Butterfly for support.

The ghost shrugged, regarding Raidou.  “I guess having a persona doesn’t let you see demons.”  He looked back to Souji.  “Maybe it’s because of Thanatos?”

“Thanatos.”  Souji looked to Raidou.  “Demon?”

“Devil summoner,” Raidou reminded him.  He strode confidently down the hallway.  “Let’s deal with the shadows quickly.”

“Second door should be first death,” Butterfly reminded them.

Raidou nodded, strolling casually past the first door.  Souji could hear the loud music through the door, vibrating from the bass.  A strange smell wafted from the gap between it and the floor.

“That’ll be a fun drug report,” Raidou commented dryly.

They stopped in front of the second door.  Butterfly’s face screwed up in revulsion.

“What’s wrong?”

“Get this door open,” Butterfly growled.  “Now.”


“RROoAaaaArrR!”  The demon charged into the door, swords swinging wildly.

The door exploded in splinters.

At least fifty people occupied the small room.  Most of them leaned against the nearest object.  Those too far away from such a support had simply collapsed.  All of them had their eyes open, blinking languidly.  The smell of human filth and sweat permeated the room.

One group of people sat in a circle in the middle of the floor.  In the middle of them stood a man in plain business clothes.  The giant shadow of a jackal-headed man hovered over the group.

Raidou fired a shot, bullet careening over the man’s head.  “End this.”

The business man and his shadow turned towards them.  The people around him began to shake slightly.

“You would interrupt first death?”

They screamed.

Butterfly charged into the room, katana appearing in his hands.  The viciousness of the attack, and the low growl accompanying it, sent a quiver through the room.

Raidou drew his katana as well.  He didn’t want to kill this person if he didn’t have to, information was simply too valuable, but he wanted less to become the victim.

A swarm of shadows leapt forth from the floor, coalescing around Butterfly.

“Maziodyne,” Souji called.  Electricity crackled, causing the shadows to shudder and fall.  Some dissipated, but most of them just got back up.

Raidou rushed passed him, katana leading.  No one knew how effective or not it might be, but it proved enough to briefly scatter the shadows.  Butterfly broke free from the horde.

Raidou found the shadows fairly easy to slice through, but they also didn’t seem particularly bothered by it.  It left a small cut, a thin point in the darkness, but nothing serious.  Glancing over at Turdak, he could tell the demon face similar issues.  It offered a distraction, but little more.

The shadows did seem to lose some energy when he cut through them though.  Energy Raidou could use.  He naturally absorbed magnetite from foes, and these didn’t seem to be any exception.

Souji’s persona, Izanagi, joined him.  It was definitely a lot more effective with its unwieldly dual blade than Raidou and his katana.  The proper weapon against the proper enemy.

Butterfly moved for the man in the middle of the circle.

“Anubis, defend me.”

“Thanatos,” Butterfly shouted.  Instead of the persona appearing above him, it wrapped around him, aiding in his charge.

Katana struck against judgement’s scales.  A moment later, the scales snapped.

The man screamed in agony.  His shadow slid back.

“I am beyond your pathetic judgment,” Butterfly snarled.  His words reverberated through the room, and several of the weaker shadows quaked in sudden fear.

“He’s strong,” Raidou admitted to Souji, fighting beside him.

“I try to forget how scary he can be.”


“Please, please,” the shadow user whimpered, “you have to understand.  We’re helping these people.”  He backed away.

Butterfly continued forward.  “Then why so scared?”

“Anyone can get scared when they first look death in the eye,” a female voice called from the back of the room.  A great surge of water pushed Butterfly against the far wall.

A woman stepped out from behind a secret door in the back.  What appeared to be a giant mixe of crocodile, lion, and hippo stood in front of her.  Chains rattled when it moved, broken from a tremendous force.

“Ammut,” Raidou whispered.

“What does that mean?” Souji asked.  Izanagi whacked another shadow out of the way.

The woman smiled.  “It means your little flying friend is in trouble.”  The shadow pursued Butterfly.  “More’s the pity.  You really should have been on our side.”

The shadow turned its giant jaw towards Butterfly.

“I can handle you,” he whispered.  Thanatos no longer surrounded him, and his katana had dissipated.

“You drove poor Tsubame insane.  She writhed so much in her pain we just had to put her out of her misery.”  The woman’s shadow cackled, displaying just how wide that jaw opened.  “Suppose we’ll just have to find poor Nephtys a new host.”

A new host?

“You’re sick,” Souji shouted.

“We all come here to die.”  She smiled as she examined the swarm of shadows around Souji and Raidou.  “Don’t go thinking you’re an exception.  Truly, bringing a man here who can’t even use a persona as your aid?  What were you thinking?”

Enough of this.  He may not be able to fight the shadows very effectively, but Raidou could still take down a human.  He maneuvered away from the throng, beating the lunging shadows aside with his katana.  It bothered him a bit to use the fine blade as little more than a club, but if he could get close to her, they could end this.

Butterfly pushed himself off the wall.  “You’re worse than any of them, accepting that in your soul.  It’s rotted through.”

“Look who’s talking.”  She looked to Souji.  “Eat the persona user,” she ordered her shadow.

Ammut began to head to Souji.

Butterfly rushed forward, Thanatos once more enveloping him.  He kicked the shadow in the face, pushing its trajectory closer to Raidou.

“You’ve got to clear your feet,” Butterfly shouted.

“Understood.”  Izanagi changed, quickly morphing into a handsome looking demon with blonde hair.  “Freeze them all,” he commanded.  Ice whipped around him, encasing the shadows.

Butterfly continued to kick around Ammut, occasional flames aiding him.  Raidou did he best to sneak towards the woman, gun drawn.  They could do this.

The Anubis shadow bared down upon him, mouth open to bite at him.

The ice cracked around the weaker shadows, causing them to splinter and fall.  None of them remained standing.

Raidou channeled his internal magnetite, switching his gun to his offhand so he could keep the katana in his main.  He lunged forward.  The katana slid easily through the shadow stuff.  He pushed his magnetite to his arm, enabling him to execute a flurry of blows well beyond a human’s normal ability.

He wasn’t sure how much damage the sword did, but the magnetite infused cuts proved fairly effective.  The shadow howled.  Raidou spun, forcing more magnetite though his body.  It formed a giant hammer, magnetite focusing through the old katana.

The hammer slammed the shadow against the wall.  Up and then down.  Now it was against the ground.  Remove the magnetite hammer.  Slice off the head.

This slice seemed to finally work, a final blow against an injured opponent.  The head hung grotesquely off its shoulder.

Raidou could choose to increase his natural magnetite draw when an opponent stood near death.  It could no longer properly hold everything in, so he just sort of convinced the magnetite free.

He hadn’t registered this with the smaller shadows, but this magnetite felt wrong.  He gagged.  The shadow disappeared, its energy consumed by Raidou.  The world began to spin.  The man who’d been using it let out a yowl of anguish.

Raidou couldn’t stand straight anymore.  He leaned against the wall.  Everything spun.

“What’s this?”  Sounded like the woman.

Raidou was vaguely aware that he puked, his body desperately trying to remove the strange magnetite.

His vision grew cloudy.

“We’ve got to take Ammut down now!”  Souji perhaps?

He slid down the wall.

A charm with the emblem of the Kuzunoha burned.

Stay conscious.  He had to stay conscious.  He had a group of newbies here.  He had to stay…

An image of the hall where he had trained flashed through his mind.

He fell to the ground, just managing to stay clear of his own vomit.

He could no longer see the room.  Instead he was somewhere very dark.  A moment later he lost track of sound.  He was vaguely aware that Souji and Butterfly must still be in battle, but could no longer hear it.  He couldn’t even feel the concrete floor.

A moment later the smell left him too.  A definite improvement.

He smelled incense.

Wood beneath his body.  The sound of gently running water.  A sunlit room.  Slowly, Raidou sat up.  What had happened?

He forced himself to his feet.  Exhaustion held him now.

Raidou could see a paper sliding door.  He gently pushed it open, stumbling outside.

A shrine courtyard greeted him.  White stones lending a sense of peace to the scene.  He could see the fountain just beside the small set of stairs leading down.

In the center of the shrine stood a large rock, wrapped in rope with the white papers to denote a kami.  On top of the rock sat a man.

He looked a lot like Raidou, but wore rather different clothing.  Basic jeans and a t-shirt with a math pun written on it. The only other noticeable difference was his baleful yellow eyes.

The man smiled.  “Long time no see, me.”

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Author’s Note: I am so sorry, guys.  I didn’t realize I had stopped so early.  It’s really hard to keep track of what I’ve written, posted, and what’s just in my head.  Anyway, hoping for weekly posts.  It might not always be this story, but I plan to post a piece of writing every week, and it’s usually going to be this story.

Anyway, planning to start posting to fanfiction.net fairly soon.  Those chapters will be slightly more refined.  Going to see about recording an audio version too.  It won’t be great, but I’ve held a boring job before and understand the value of something to distract you that can’t use your eyes or hands.

Currently feeling very inspired by Tokyo Ghoul.

Happy 2017

Happy 2017

Alright, let’s try this weekly vocaloid post thing again.  This week, it’s songs to rev you up for the new year.  Whether they pump you up or make you smile, here’s some songs to bring in the new year (or work week/day/whatevs).

Note: This is not a top of 2016.  Not by any means.  Even of songs I listen to, this is not what my top would look like, but I hope you enjoy.  Comments with vocaloid, or UTAU, producers and cover artists you like (who are on YouTube or some other easily shared source).  I’m doing this in an attempt to expand everyone’s horizons.

Miracle by GuitarHeroPianoZero feat. GUMI

One of the things I really like about GHPZ is the dance beat that almost always makes me smile and dance a bit, no matter what else.  I definitely empathize with this song.  Here’s hoping my vocaloid posts and writing can give people something to help pull them out of darkness.

They don’t have this song in particular, but he’s worked with a group called ASDR on Bandcamp.  They donate money to bestfrienders.org, a suicide prevention group.  If you like this song, you might want to consider picking up Dream with You.

UNBREAKABLE by YusukeKira feat. Ruby

No covers for this one, but I really like it.  I was asking a friend not long ago what English Vocaloid she’d suggest a newbie start with and she suggested Ruby.  Gotta admit, after hearing this song, I’m thinking about it.

Support the song on BandCamp

시미유쿠  by Vocaloid Studio feat. SeeU and Hatsune Miku

Thought I’d look for a cute SeeU song.  I really like her design.


Ignite by Expus feat. Daina

A song about not letting the past control you seems fairly appropriate for a new year.

Check it out on Bandcamp.

Narihibiku by CYO Style feat. Hatsune Miku

A song about entering the new year.  Seems appropriate to cap us off.

Support the artist on BandCamp.

Alright, that’s my first batch of the year.  Planning for many more.  In the meantime, you can check out the playlist for a steady stream of these songs and more, as I add them throughout the year.