Review: Ghost in the Shell (The New Movie)

Review: Ghost in the Shell (The New Movie)


Time to write my first review for this blog.  Last night (11/16/2015) I went to the Ghost in the Shell movie.  I haven’t seen Arise, so I was a little nervous about getting lost, but also didn’t want to lose this opportunity.  I love Ghost in the Shell.  I just don’t watch as much anime anymore.  Also, this showing was in English.

Anyway, the review format I’ve decided to play around with is to talk about three things that really stood out to me, be they good or bad, and then give a general opinion of the film.

It is definitely Ghost in the Shell.

As I said, I haven’t seen Arise, but I have heard a few complains about it, and it makes sense.  While still Production I.G. we’ve got new people writing it.  Plus, Arise aside, this movie advertises itself as its own thing.  Any concerns it not feeling like Ghost in the Shell were quickly demolished however.  The intro might seem a little much to those who know the series, but it sets the scene nicely and delivers an in for people new to the series.

Added bonus: It’s just as ridiculously convoluted as you’d expect.

Really lets all the team members come out as characters.

One of my complains with the Mamoru Oshii movies and Stand Alone Complex is that you know there’s a larger core team and yet they barely say, or even do, anything.  They’re just sort of there.  While this movie pushes the Major, Togussa, Aramaki, and Batou, I feel like everyone got a decent amount of time.  They’re a team.  They interact with each other.  All of them.  They have opinions and skills and the Major relies on all of them to get the job done.

Beautiful ending to tie it to the first movie.

If you’ve seen the first Ghost in the Shell movie the last few minutes should look very familiar.  It’s nice to see a prequel series tie in so neatly and, at least to me, didn’t feel forced at all.


It may not have made much sense, but the new movie holds up as a worthwhile addition to the Ghost in the Shell franchise.  The characters are very much intact and as familiar as they’ve always been and it ties in neatly with the original movie.  Just be prepared for a difficult to follow plot and you should enjoy it quite a bit.

I intend to do another review after I’ve seen Arise and re-watched this.  I’ll be curious how my opinion changes when I’m all caught up.