Future Tone

Future Tone

Project Diva: Future Tone releases tomorrow (January 10) on the PSN in the United States.  Super excited for more songs and modules, and having all of it on my PS4.  I’ll have to delete some things for it, but I’m sure it will be worth it.

So, I ran down the song list to find some of my favorites in each pack.  Definitely reminded be that I’m looking forward to Colorful Tone, since there’s fewer songs I know in that pack.

Future Sound

Erase or Zero by Crystal-P feat. Kaito and Kagamine Len

You can purchase the song from Amazon MP3.

English Cover by Zoozbuh and Cammie Mille

Thousand Year Solo by yanagi feat. Kaito

One thing which will be very clear as I continue these posts is that I love Kaito with Len coming in closely behind.  As such, expect a decent amount of Kaito.

Happiness and Peace of Mind Committee by t.Komine feat. Hatsune Miku

I have a thing for upbeat, scary or depressing, songs.  It’s just a thing.  Even when I didn’t know the lyrics, hard to read while playing, I fell in love with this song.  Then I read the lyrics and fell in love even more.

Once more, you can actually purchase this one on Amazon.  The Rin and Len version is awesome too.

Bonus! Cover by Shiroko

An awesome cover by Shiroko.

Another Bonus! While looking for my videos for this song, YouTube helpfully popped up another one, which is connected.  According to the poster, it came with the first press printing for the second volume of novels for Happiness and Peace of Mind Committee.  Enjoy.

Soundless Voice by Hitoshizuku Kakeru Yama

I love this song.  In fact, I love the whole album it’s on.  Which, you can purchase on Amazon.

English Cover by Sir Hammet

One thing I like about this cover artist is that she often uses the original videos for songs.  Also, if you want to cry, she did all three of these, so you can follow up “Soundless Voice” with “Proof of Life” and “Endless Wedge”.  They’re all beautiful, so I highly suggest it.

Sweet Devil by Hachioji-P

Wait, a Japanese vocaloid artist who actually bothers with YouTube!  Yes, yes he does.  Anyway, this upbeat piece should be a nice pick-up, even if the video can be a bit creepy.

Colorful Tone

Deep Sea Girl by Yuuyu-P

World is Mine by Supercell

I like Supercell a lot, and that’s most of why this song is on here.  It’s a staple, but it’s honestly not my favorite and I wish they’d let something else open her concerts (though it does make sense when she’s traveling the world).

On the plus side, Supercell is enough of a staple to purchase on Amazon.

English Cover by JubyPhonic

Romeo and Cinderella by Doriko

English Cover by Miku-tan

I am obsessed with this cover.  That is all.

Clover Club by Yuuyu-P

Kokoro by Toraboruta

Did you really think I’d end with something happy?

You can purchase this on Amazon too.

English Cover by Froggie

Hope you enjoyed this sampling.  I’ll probably do another Future Tone related ones in a couple of weeks to go over new favorites.  In the meantime, what else would you like to see?  Favorite vocaloids, songs, videos, artists?

If you want to listen to all of these songs continuously, here’s the link to my playlist for these posts.


Izanami and Izanagi

A piece I did for the Shin Megami Tensei Network after someone in the Facebook group asked about the myth. Definitely a summary of events.

Shin Megami Tensei Network

Whether the first gods or the descendants of the first gods chosen to shape the land, Izanagi and Izanami are essential to Japanese mythology, especially Shinto. It’s no surprise then that they are central to Persona 4, the first Persona game to fully spread away from Greek mythology (though Persona 1 was far from exclusive) and use the myths native to Japan.

Izanami (She Who Beckons) and Izanagi (He Who Beckons) crafted much of Japan together, according to legends that date before the eighth century. Originally siblings, they then seem to have stumbled upon marriage, and sex, in order to begin populating the land with gods. It is good to note, this being Shinto, that many of those gods are aspects of Japan themselves, such as the sea and the rivers.

The most pivotal of the gods Izanami bore is Kagutsuchi. Born as Hi-no-yagi-haya-o (Swift Burning Flame Man), his fire…

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