Vocaloid Tales

Vocaloid Tales

Tales of Berseria comes out tomorrow!  So much excitement, hype, and love.  Keep an eye out, because I’m planning to livestream it.  So excited!

Anyway, given that, I thought I’d look for some cool stories.  Music has a long history of telling stories and vocaloid is no different.

Given that Berseria has a bit of a pirate them going for it (and that I just saw Finding Neverland on state), I thought I’d start with…

The Portrait of the Pirate F by ひとしずく×やま△ (Hitoshizuku_Yamasankakkei)

There are so many covers of this song it’s almost hard to dig out the original.  That’s actually pretty rare.

And here’s the album, if you want more fairytale magic.

English Cover from Rachie& Co.

Spanish Cover from KagaminTwinsFD (02)

Sleipnir by Harry (?)

I have a longstanding love of this song, so it really surprised me I wasn’t inundated by videos when I searched for it.  Also, yes, the fact this horse doesn’t have six legs bothers me.


Revenge Syndrome by Suzumu and mafumafu

Since revenge is a big theme is Berseria, this seemed appropriate.

The Grimm Reminder by Empath-P

Despair and changes, a new beginning.  It seems appropriate.

Check out the album on Bandcamp.

Death Should Not Have Taken Thee by Jesus-P/WondorfulOpportunity!

Always appropriate when prepping for a video game release.

Additionally, you can purchase this song and its album on Amazon.

English Cover by Jubyphonic


My Playlist

If you want to listen to all of the songs from this week and weeks previous, here’s the playlist.

Additionally, I am planning to stream some of Project Diva every Monday evening (Pacific Time).  Exact time is unknown.  I will take song requests and have it set so my mistakes don’t cause you to miss any of the song.

So yeah, check out my Twitch.




Alright, this week I’m choosing an artist as a theme.  PinocchioP takes center stage!  Why?  Because I’ve recently gotten into a couple of songs and couldn’t come up with a better theme.  Expect similar themes in the long run.

Hope you enjoy!

Common World Domination

Got into this one via Project Diva: Future Tone.  It’s one of the songs that got me interested in doing this week’s theme.


All I Need Are Things I Like

Blame JubyPhonic for this one.  It popped up on her Facebook page, I took a listen, and I fell horribly in love.

You can buy this song on Amazon.

Slow Motion

Nice to Meet You, Mr. Earthling

If you want more PinocchioP, here’s the link for the official YouTube channel.

I’m Glad You’re Evil Too

Buy the album on Amazon.

If you want to listen to all these songs, and previous weeks, check out my playlist.  See you next week!

Happy 2017

Happy 2017

Alright, let’s try this weekly vocaloid post thing again.  This week, it’s songs to rev you up for the new year.  Whether they pump you up or make you smile, here’s some songs to bring in the new year (or work week/day/whatevs).

Note: This is not a top of 2016.  Not by any means.  Even of songs I listen to, this is not what my top would look like, but I hope you enjoy.  Comments with vocaloid, or UTAU, producers and cover artists you like (who are on YouTube or some other easily shared source).  I’m doing this in an attempt to expand everyone’s horizons.

Miracle by GuitarHeroPianoZero feat. GUMI

One of the things I really like about GHPZ is the dance beat that almost always makes me smile and dance a bit, no matter what else.  I definitely empathize with this song.  Here’s hoping my vocaloid posts and writing can give people something to help pull them out of darkness.

They don’t have this song in particular, but he’s worked with a group called ASDR on Bandcamp.  They donate money to bestfrienders.org, a suicide prevention group.  If you like this song, you might want to consider picking up Dream with You.

UNBREAKABLE by YusukeKira feat. Ruby

No covers for this one, but I really like it.  I was asking a friend not long ago what English Vocaloid she’d suggest a newbie start with and she suggested Ruby.  Gotta admit, after hearing this song, I’m thinking about it.

Support the song on BandCamp

시미유쿠  by Vocaloid Studio feat. SeeU and Hatsune Miku

Thought I’d look for a cute SeeU song.  I really like her design.


Ignite by Expus feat. Daina

A song about not letting the past control you seems fairly appropriate for a new year.

Check it out on Bandcamp.

Narihibiku by CYO Style feat. Hatsune Miku

A song about entering the new year.  Seems appropriate to cap us off.

Support the artist on BandCamp.

Alright, that’s my first batch of the year.  Planning for many more.  In the meantime, you can check out the playlist for a steady stream of these songs and more, as I add them throughout the year.




If you’re into vocaloid then you may have already heard about the kickstarter project for Vocamerica (found here), but if you haven’t, it’s an attempt to bring english speaking vocaloid concerts around the country.  Right now it’s just Nekocon, but there’s some nice prizes for backing and the better this goes off, the more likely it is to become a proper touring concert (at conventions at least).

The project is fully funded, and has hit several stretch goals, but if you want Sonika, or improvements to projection equipment, there’s still a bit more to go.  Seeing as I’ve posted some vocaloid song lists before, I thought I’d do some featuring the performers for Vocamerica.  If you like how they sound, consider spreading the love and backing the kickstarter project.

Click the titles if you want to head to the video on YouTube.  Also, you can listen to music on BandCamp without an account and, generally, without purchasing it, so don’t worry about following those links.  I just keep a wishlist and buy as I can, meanwhile enjoying the music to remind myself why I want it.

A Wicked Boy and a Tin Girl by Empath-P

If you like this song you can purchase it on Bandcamp (here).

Que decida el corazón by CYOStyle

Okay, so it’s in Spanish, that’s still definitely America (Latin America, not Spain).  Honestly, finding a good Maika song was my first time listening to this myself, and it’s quite lovely.  CYOStyle is listed as one of the contributing artists for Vocamerica and I have to sound this sounds quite nice.

I don’t think this is on an album currently, but here’s his Bandcamp account.

Breaking Point by MystSaphyr and Crusher-P

And one UTAU for variety.  I’m actually very fond of this song, so no problems here.

Pretty positive I’ve linked to this before, but here’s the album on Bandcamp.  I definitely suggest it.

Unbreakable by YusukeKira

I’ve had Ruby suggested to me before, but this is actually my first time seeking her out.  She does sound really nice, so I definitely look forward to hearing more.

There’s an extended version of the song available on Bandcamp.

Now, on to the stretch goal vocaloids!

Emotionless by Circus-P

So, this is not the most beautiful Avanna song out there.  I admit that and if this is your first exposure to her I, kind of, apologize.  If it makes you feel better, it was mine too.  And, honestly, I really love it.

You can find this song on Bandcamp here.  If you want to hear more of Avanna, I suggest hitting up this album.

Sunflowers in Your Eyes by Empath-P

As the list began with Empath-P so too shall it end.  Seems fitting seeing as she’s the one heading the project.  This song has come to mean a lot to me.  It both cheers me up and makes me melancholy, often calling on me to think of my friends.  Really, the whole album is like that (found here).

So there you have it, I’ll see about forming a proper playlist later, but this had to be a bit of a rush job to make sure I actually did it in time for people to donate to Vocamerica.

If you’re interested in what else I listen to on Bandcamp by account can be found here.  It’s mostly vocaloid and indie game soundtracks.  If you liked hearing some English speaking vocaloid you can check out my previous blogpost.  There may be doubles, I admit, but I generally try to avoid that.  I found some cool new songs looking into these vocaloids, so I hope you did too.


I added all but the Maika song to my English Vocaloid Playlist.  Amazingly, no doubles.


Also, the kickstarter has reached stretch goals for all of its vocaloids plus Big Al!  If you want in on it you can find the kickstarter by following this link.  As of posting this update there are only 29 hours to go.

Vocaloid: A Hint of Tradition

Vocaloid: A Hint of Tradition

Theoretically, today is national haiku day, so I thought I’d focus on songs with either a somewhat traditional sounds, or from a more traditional source (such as folktales and legends).

Kagome no Tori/ Bird Cages

The song Kagome is sort of the Japanese equivalent of Ring Around the Rosy.  It’s cute, has a game that goes with it, and is not so secretly evil, frequently representing a trap (it can mean cage).

Kagome, Kagome/ Circle you, Circle you

Speaking of Kagome being insanely creepy.  Here’s a version which connects to ghosts and nazi experimentation on orphans.

Better yet?  I’ve got covers.  Love them both, so decided to post them both.

First is rockleetist’s version.  Both versions use her lyrics.

I kind of like it sung by a deep voice though, so here’s Ashe’s version.

Dream Eating Monochrome Baku

The baku is one of my favorite mythological creatures.  Traditionally a guardian, the baku eats nightmares.  If you’re particularly troubled you call out to it, and it’s considered good luck to have the kanji for its name stitched onto a pillow so it knows to come.

However, there’s a dark side to the baku as well, especially in popular culture.  After all, a creature that only eats nightmares might enjoy causing them as well (much of the plot of the manga Nightmare Inspector), or perhaps it will decide to simply eat all your dreams away.

Here’s a cover I like of this one.  There’s another popular English cover, but it pushes more towards the impish side and less the tricksters.

Tsugai Kogarashi

Not only does this one sound a little more traditional, but it’s apparently based on a folktale as well.  Mostly though, I just think both Kaito and Meiko sound really lovely here.

Also, with the wonders of digital music, you can purchase a version of it from amazon, here.

Seasonal Feathers

Okay, so it’s kind of cheating.  That said, this is a great story beautifully told by Kagamine Rin and Len.

There’s a couple of covers I really like of this one, but I’ve decided to go with the Lucy and Ham version because I feel like their translation makes the story clearer.  If you want to look up JoyDreamer as well, she also covers this song beautifully.

The song, and entire album, can be found on Amazon here.

As usual, here’s the playlist.  And, if you need a shot of happiness after ending on Seasonal Feathers (your welcome) here’s a post I did on vocaloid songs which make me smile.

Vocaloid: English Songs

Vocaloid: English Songs

English software and vocaloids have made producing music in a myriad of languages easier over the years.  While Japanese is still generally more prominent there are a few English producers I really adore, plus the occasional odd song.  I don’t think I’m getting too obscure yet, but some of these songs are definitely newer.

Sharing the World – Bighead

I honestly don’t have a lot to say about this one.  I like it.  It’s in English and uses Miku.

Ten Thousand Stars – CircusP

There’s going to be a lot of CircusP as these lists continue.  His song, Insanity, is what finished exciting me for Vocaloid.  I’ll probably just have his songs as a theme one week.  This song won the Miku Expo song contest for 2016’s tour and utilized Miku English.

Dream With You – Guitar Hero Piano Zero (GHPZ)

I mostly think of GHPZ for remixes, but when he does original songs they tend to be rather good.  I’d guess he’s best know for Glass Wall, which also played at the Miku Expo, but I really love his work with Yohioloid.  Okay, I just really love Yohioloid, but I’ve found it difficult to find songs I really like with him.  When I do, I leap upon it.

You can purchase this song at bandcamp.

Two Weeks- EmpathP

As is typical for EmpathP, another favorite, the lyrics to this song are beautiful and touching.  I was going to include another song by her instead, but that might just happen on a Yohioloid day.  This one is sung by Dex.

It can also be purchased at Bandcamp.

Creative – Eyeris (Creep-P)

A little bit of Avanna love, since I’d already included EmpathP in this list.  I ran into this song via Circus-P’s remix.  It’s quite catchy.

I’m linking you to the deluxe edition on Bandcamp, since it includes Circus’ remix.

Original Version

Circus-P Remix

And here’s the Playlist.

Vocaloid: Happy Birthday Me

Vocaloid: Happy Birthday Me

This last week has been, minus one major setback, pretty great.  I attended Hatsune MIku’s concert in San Francisco on Saturday, the short film festival on Sunday, had amazing sushi, and now it’s my birthday.

I’ve been into vocaloid for a while now, but had mostly stopped exploring it.  Miku Expo reminded me how much I really love vocaloid and its community.  All these creators coming together, all these ways to express yourself while simultaneously belonging to a community.  It’s really great.

And so I decided I want to delve back into the content.  The plan is a weekly list of five songs picked based on a theme.  This week it’s songs that make me smile, with preference given to the ones included in Miku Expo.  I’m going to try to avoid doubling up on creators in a given week, as well songs.  There’s so much out there and, while this week is pretty standard, I hope to use this as a reminder to explore more on my own as well.  When there’s an English cover I really like for a song I will include it as well.

So, let’s do this.

Blue Star by HachiojiP

The main theme for this year’s Miku Expo seemed like a good place to start.  I first ran into HachiojiP with Sweet Devil on Project Diva f.  If you’re looking for fun beats, he’s definitely a go-to producer.

You can get the song from the official Miku Expo EP.  I got mine at Kinnokuniya, but you can also order it from CDJapan.

Byakkoya no Musume (KAITO) – Paprika End Theme Cover

Okay, so most of what’s on this list is going to be kind of old, that doesn’t change how I feel about it.  This song is so rich and full, and Kaito.  What’s not to love?  On top of that it’s a cover for the end theme of one of my favorite movies, Paprika.

The song can be found on the Exit Tunes album Vocalodream (which is great, by the way).  The movie, Paprika, can be found on Amazon.


Remote Controller (Rimocon) – Jesus-P

If you’re looking for super fast sibling rivalry, Jesus-P is the producer for you.  His Rin and Len Songs tend to the ridiculously adorable and super fast.  Amazingly, JubyPhonic has managed to cover a couple of them, and they sound great.  I admit it, I first ran into this one on Project Diva F.

You can find this song on Amazon MP3.

And JubyPhonic’s excellent English cover:


NeapolitaN – ApolP and Aki Glancy

Wait, a song not sung by a Crypton vocaloid?  Yep, Yohioloid’s actually a favorite, pretty much entirely based on this song.  If you check out the description it’s up for download too, so you can listen to it as much as you’d like.  I’d suggest giving the lyrics a read as well.

Sekiranun Graffiti- Supercell

Okay, so this is rather old and very well known.  It’s still one of my absolute favorite songs for cheering myself up.  Something about this song, especially with it’s music video,  make me want to go on an adventure.  Incidentally, Supercell is generically pretty awesome.


Click here to link to the playlist on YouTube.  Or watch it embedded below if you want to just listen to all the songs.  This playlist while likely get filled with more upbeat music as I progress, so I hope you can keep enjoying it.


If you have suggestions for themes or producers to check out let me know in the comments.  I’m up for adventuring with Vocaloid again.