Fall To Rebirth: Chapter 26

Fall To Rebirth: Chapter 26

Inside Out


Souji watched Raidou go down, but with a giant crocodile, hippo…thing coming at him, found it impossible to respond.

“Don’t let it hit your persona,” Butterfly warned.

Persona nothing.  Souji didn’t want the giant shadow slamming into him at all.  He dove away, moving away from the unconscious Raidou as well.  Better the enemies never even notice.

The shadow followed him.

“Ziodyne,” he hissed.  Izanagi appeared long enough to send a bolt of electricity crashing down.

The huge shadow barely slowed.

Izanagi became Loki.  “Garudyne.”

Wind whipped around the giant shadow.  It barely slowed.  Just how strong was this thing?

The sound of a lyre gently struck.  The beginning of a melody.

Souji couldn’t even describe it.  It just made life seem threadbare, pointless, and miserable.  Around them several of the apathy syndrome cases slowly died.

“What is this?” the shadow user hissed, stepping back.  Even her shadow had stopped, caught in the melody.

Souji felt caught too.  He couldn’t get himself to do anything.  Tears slowly began to roll down his cheeks.

A pair of hands gently covered his ears.  The song seemed to vanish, but even so he could feel it.  A funeral dirge for all those lost.

“Attack now,” Butterfly whispered in his mind.

Souji looked at the woman and her shadow, both pressed down by the funeral dirge.  Only one attack seemed right now.

“Alice,” he whispered.  A persona in the form a young English girl appeared.  “Will they die for me?”

The girl twirled and curtsied.  A moment later cards rained down from the sky.  The woman simply looked up at them, her shadow doing likewise.

The shadow dissipated.  The woman fell to her knees.

The hands moves away.  The dirge had stopped.  Butterfly approached her.

“Not so hard to destroy a shadow.”

She stared at the ground.  “How?  You couldn’t even harm it, and now it’s gone.”

“You’re right.”  Butterfly kneeled down across from her.  “Shadows are never really gone, just severed.  To use shadows not even your own.  Despicable.”

Souji glanced over at Raidou.  The cat, Gouto, crouched on the fallen man’s back, carefully keeping an eye on things.  What had happened to him?

“What do you know?  You who found joy.”

“You take joy in harming others.  In encouraging them to simply stop.”  Butterfly reached out a hand, palm resting on her forehead.  Her eyes widened.  Then, with just a soft whimper, she fell.  Butterfly stood.

“How’s Raidou?”

Souji stared.  “What did you do to her?”

“Just let her know what dying feels like.  It should keep her down for a while.”

“Why aren’t the police here yet?”

Butterfly looked around at all the bodies.  “Maybe better that way.”  He moved over to Raidou.  “May I have a look?”

Gouto jumped off.

“Souji, could you flip him over?”

“Huh?  Sure.”  Souji moved over to turn Raidou over to his back.  “Why can’t you do it?”

“Feeling prickly.”

Raidou’s breathing was shallow, but steady.

Souji let out a relieved sigh.  “He looks like he’s sleeping.”

“Hmmm…” Butterfly lightly tapped Raidou on the nose.  Nothing.  “Someone’s not home.”


“Shadow world.”


“I don’t know how,” Butterfly admitted, “but I think he got drug in.”

“He’s not a persona user.”

“We need to go after him.”

They heard a great crash from next door.  A moment later a couple of armed police officers charged into the room.

“No one move,” they shouted.

Butterfly and Souji immediately held up their hands.

A plainclothes detective walked through the doorframe.  “Put your guns down.  Just because we said it might get dangerous doesn’t mean you need to look for an excuse.  Identify people who’ll need help when the paramedics get here.”

“Yes, sir.”  The armed men began examining the room.  The detective approached Souji and Butterfly.  He cast a concerned look down at Raidou.

“I’m guessing one of you is Souji Seta?”

“Yeah. That’s me.”

“Good.  I’m Detective Daisuke Sakamoto.  I’m Raidou’s guardian.”

Guardian?  That felt weird to think about.

“Well, I was.”  He sighed.  “What happened to him?”

“We’re trying to figure that out,” Butterfly explained.  “If you get us somewhere quiet I think we can help him.”

“Somewhere quiet?  Hmmm.  Hard to do smack in the middle of a crime scene, especially moving this many people.”

“Speaking of which, the woman over there,” Butterfly gestured to the shadow user, “she’s part of the group running this.”

“Is that so?  Alright then, we’ll keep her confined until Raidou can question her properly.  In the meantime, agency or hospital?  I can have one of my men drive you.”

“Agency,” Butterfly responded.

Souji nodded.  It would probably be best to move Raidou somewhere familiar.

“Alright then.”  He pulled out a radio.  “I need someone to drive some witnesses to the Narumi Detective Agency.  Yes, that one.”  He sighed.  “Alright, we’ll wait.”

“The medics just arrived, so they’ll help move him.”


“Yeah, well, you all owe me an explanation when this is done.”



Souji hadn’t realized the agency had an upstairs, but by the time they’d gotten back Miss Narumi had already rolled out a futon for Raidou, made tea, and gotten some warm water ready so they could all wash up a bit.  When they got there she’d easily led everyone upstairs and cleaned off Raidou’s face.  She’d also removed all the excess equipment so he could rest more easily.

“Now, is there anything you two need?  According to Daisuke you think you can help.”

Butterfly nodded.  “Just quiet.  Don’t freak out if we’re not here.”

“Do you have any idea how many background checks I have to run?  I don’t intend to notice.  Gouto can keep an eye on you two.”

Souji bit his lip.  He had to ask.  “Um, excuse me, Miss Narumi?”


“How can you just accept this at face value?”

“Why wouldn’t we?  We’ve seen things over three fourths of the population vehemently denies, and even fewer actually see.  Why would we assume there wasn’t yet more to see?”

Butterfly smiled.  “How practical.”

“Denial serves no one.  Now, is there anything you need before I go?  And do you have a time estimate?  How long before I start worrying?”

“I have no idea,” Butterfly admitted.  He turned to Souji.  “I can get us in, but I’ve never done something like this.”

“I don’t know where it will put us, but it really depends.”  Souji regarded Miss Narumi.  She stood calm and confident.  “Hard to stay in for more than a couple hours though.”

Butterfly nodded before turning to Miss Narumi.  “Give us two hours.  If we’re not back by then you can worry.  Also, Raidou might show physical signs of stress.  We’re connecting to his mind, so I don’t know really know what will happen.  If it gets too intense he may need medical care.”

“Understood.  I’ll come up to check periodically.”

“Thanks, Miss Narumi.”  Souji looked at her.  “But, I’ve been wondering something.”

“Don’t you need to hurry?”

“She’s right.”

Souji sighed, but nodded in agreement.  How could they just trust him the way they did?

Miss Narumi seemed content with that and headed out.

“I don’t get it,” Souji whispered.

“Aren’t you the one all about friendship and faith?’

“Doesn’t it seem weird to you that they trust us so readily?”

“A bit,” Butterfly admitted, “but I don’t think they’re as trusting as you think.”

“What do you mean?”

“I think they’re more about giving us the chance to prove it.”  He looked down at Gouto.  “After all, it’s not like we’re unsupervised.”


“I guess so.”  Souji shook his head in an attempt to clear it.  “Anyway, how do we do this?”

Butterfly wrapped his arms around Souji.  “I think you just hang on.”


Souji felt something prick into his arms and shoulder.  “I can act as a portal.”

It hurt, seeming to wrap not just around his body but around Izanagi as well.

The world spun.  Souji closed his eyes.  The spinning sensation stopped.  He opened them again.

A giant Torii gate stood right in front of them.  Butterfly stood.

“Guess this is the entrance to his dungeon.”

“Yeah.”  Souji stood as well.  He felt a little dizzy, but otherwise fine.


“Yeah.  Let’s go save him.”

They walked through the gate together.

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Future Tone

Future Tone

Project Diva: Future Tone releases tomorrow (January 10) on the PSN in the United States.  Super excited for more songs and modules, and having all of it on my PS4.  I’ll have to delete some things for it, but I’m sure it will be worth it.

So, I ran down the song list to find some of my favorites in each pack.  Definitely reminded be that I’m looking forward to Colorful Tone, since there’s fewer songs I know in that pack.

Future Sound

Erase or Zero by Crystal-P feat. Kaito and Kagamine Len

You can purchase the song from Amazon MP3.

Thousand Year Solo by yanagi feat. Kaito

One thing which will be very clear as I continue these posts is that I love Kaito with Len coming in closely behind.  As such, expect a decent amount of Kaito.

Happiness and Peace of Mind Committee by t.Komine feat. Hatsune Miku

I have a thing for upbeat, scary or depressing, songs.  It’s just a thing.  Even when I didn’t know the lyrics, hard to read while playing, I fell in love with this song.  Then I read the lyrics and fell in love even more.

Once more, you can actually purchase this one on Amazon.  The Rin and Len version is awesome too.

Bonus! Cover by Shiroko

An awesome cover by Shiroko.

Another Bonus! While looking for my videos for this song, YouTube helpfully popped up another one, which is connected.  According to the poster, it came with the first press printing for the second volume of novels for Happiness and Peace of Mind Committee.  Enjoy.

Soundless Voice by Hitoshizuku Kakeru Yama

I love this song.  In fact, I love the whole album it’s on.  Which, you can purchase on Amazon.

English Cover by SirHamnet

One thing I like about this cover artist is that she often uses the original videos for songs.  Also, if you want to cry, she did all three of these, so you can follow up “Soundless Voice” with “Proof of Life” and “Endless Wedge”.  They’re all beautiful, so I highly suggest it.

Sweet Devil by Hachioji-P

Wait, a Japanese vocaloid artist who actually bothers with YouTube!  Yes, yes he does.  Anyway, this upbeat piece should be a nice pick-up, even if the video can be a bit creepy.

Colorful Tone

Deep Sea Girl by Yuuyu-P

World is Mine by Supercell

I like Supercell a lot, and that’s most of why this song is on here.  It’s a staple, but it’s honestly not my favorite and I wish they’d let something else open her concerts (though it does make sense when she’s traveling the world).

On the plus side, Supercell is enough of a staple to purchase on Amazon.

English Cover by JubyPhonic

Romeo and Cinderella by Doriko

English Cover by Miku-tan

I am obsessed with this cover.  That is all.

Clover Club by Yuuyu-P

Kokoro by Toraboruta

Did you really think I’d end with something happy?

You can purchase this on Amazon too.

English Cover by Froggie

Hope you enjoyed this sampling.  I’ll probably do another Future Tone related ones in a couple of weeks to go over new favorites.  In the meantime, what else would you like to see?  Favorite vocaloids, songs, videos, artists?

If you want to listen to all of these songs continuously, here’s the link to my playlist for these posts.

Fall to Rebirth: Chapter 25

Fall to Rebirth: Chapter 25

Time to Make History

Raidou sort of hobbled off the back of his motorcycle.  Souji had clung on for dear life the whole way and it took a moment to get his guts back in position.  “You always this clingy?”

“You’re a terrible driver,” the kid retorted.   Way too many kids in his life right now.

Butterfly manifested beside Souji.  “What’s the plan?”

Raidou strode up to an inconspicuous side door.

“Wasn’t expecting a fancy hotel,” Souji noted.  They stood in a small alley, beside a lavish looking hotel in Asakusa.

Raidou gave three sharp raps on the door.

“They have passwords,” Butterfly reminded him with a smirk.

Raidou paid him no mind.  Instead, he pulled a small tube out from his weapon belt.  “Turdak.”

The tube slid open.  A green glow emanated from the revealed glass capsule, leaking out.  To Souji it seemed to dissipate in the air.  To a summoner’s eyes, it congealed into the form of the demon stored inside.

Butterfly lost his smirk.  Beside Raidou stood a skeletal being holding two swords.  It wore banded armor and its head bobbed oddly, not quite able to supports itself without muscle.


Raidou gestured to the door.  “Remove this.”

The demon cackled, lining up its swords for a strike.  A great flurry of blows.  The door flew, in several different pieces, off its hinges.

Raidou strode forward, carefully stepping over the unconscious door guard.

Butterfly came in behind him.  “Nice friend.”

“tHank YOooUUu.”


The demon offered an awkward bow.

Souji carefully walked in behind them.  “How’d you do that?”

“You can’t tell?”

“No.”  Souji looked to Butterfly for support.

The ghost shrugged, regarding Raidou.  “I guess having a persona doesn’t let you see demons.”  He looked back to Souji.  “Maybe it’s because of Thanatos?”

“Thanatos.”  Souji looked to Raidou.  “Demon?”

“Devil summoner,” Raidou reminded him.  He strode confidently down the hallway.  “Let’s deal with the shadows quickly.”

“Second door should be first death,” Butterfly reminded them.

Raidou nodded, strolling casually past the first door.  Souji could hear the loud music through the door, vibrating from the bass.  A strange smell wafted from the gap between it and the floor.

“That’ll be a fun drug report,” Raidou commented dryly.

They stopped in front of the second door.  Butterfly’s face screwed up in revulsion.

“What’s wrong?”

“Get this door open,” Butterfly growled.  “Now.”


“RROoAaaaArrR!”  The demon charged into the door, swords swinging wildly.

The door exploded in splinters.

At least fifty people occupied the small room.  Most of them leaned against the nearest object.  Those too far away from such a support had simply collapsed.  All of them had their eyes open, blinking languidly.  The smell of human filth and sweat permeated the room.

One group of people sat in a circle in the middle of the floor.  In the middle of them stood a man in plain business clothes.  The giant shadow of a jackal-headed man hovered over the group.

Raidou fired a shot, bullet careening over the man’s head.  “End this.”

The business man and his shadow turned towards them.  The people around him began to shake slightly.

“You would interrupt first death?”

They screamed.

Butterfly charged into the room, katana appearing in his hands.  The viciousness of the attack, and the low growl accompanying it, sent a quiver through the room.

Raidou drew his katana as well.  He didn’t want to kill this person if he didn’t have to, information was simply too valuable, but he wanted less to become the victim.

A swarm of shadows leapt forth from the floor, coalescing around Butterfly.

“Maziodyne,” Souji called.  Electricity crackled, causing the shadows to shudder and fall.  Some dissipated, but most of them just got back up.

Raidou rushed passed him, katana leading.  No one knew how effective or not it might be, but it proved enough to briefly scatter the shadows.  Butterfly broke free from the horde.

Raidou found the shadows fairly easy to slice through, but they also didn’t seem particularly bothered by it.  It left a small cut, a thin point in the darkness, but nothing serious.  Glancing over at Turdak, he could tell the demon face similar issues.  It offered a distraction, but little more.

The shadows did seem to lose some energy when he cut through them though.  Energy Raidou could use.  He naturally absorbed magnetite from foes, and these didn’t seem to be any exception.

Souji’s persona, Izanagi, joined him.  It was definitely a lot more effective with its unwieldly dual blade than Raidou and his katana.  The proper weapon against the proper enemy.

Butterfly moved for the man in the middle of the circle.

“Anubis, defend me.”

“Thanatos,” Butterfly shouted.  Instead of the persona appearing above him, it wrapped around him, aiding in his charge.

Katana struck against judgement’s scales.  A moment later, the scales snapped.

The man screamed in agony.  His shadow slid back.

“I am beyond your pathetic judgment,” Butterfly snarled.  His words reverberated through the room, and several of the weaker shadows quaked in sudden fear.

“He’s strong,” Raidou admitted to Souji, fighting beside him.

“I try to forget how scary he can be.”


“Please, please,” the shadow user whimpered, “you have to understand.  We’re helping these people.”  He backed away.

Butterfly continued forward.  “Then why so scared?”

“Anyone can get scared when they first look death in the eye,” a female voice called from the back of the room.  A great surge of water pushed Butterfly against the far wall.

A woman stepped out from behind a secret door in the back.  What appeared to be a giant mixe of crocodile, lion, and hippo stood in front of her.  Chains rattled when it moved, broken from a tremendous force.

“Ammut,” Raidou whispered.

“What does that mean?” Souji asked.  Izanagi whacked another shadow out of the way.

The woman smiled.  “It means your little flying friend is in trouble.”  The shadow pursued Butterfly.  “More’s the pity.  You really should have been on our side.”

The shadow turned its giant jaw towards Butterfly.

“I can handle you,” he whispered.  Thanatos no longer surrounded him, and his katana had dissipated.

“You drove poor Tsubame insane.  She writhed so much in her pain we just had to put her out of her misery.”  The woman’s shadow cackled, displaying just how wide that jaw opened.  “Suppose we’ll just have to find poor Nephtys a new host.”

A new host?

“You’re sick,” Souji shouted.

“We all come here to die.”  She smiled as she examined the swarm of shadows around Souji and Raidou.  “Don’t go thinking you’re an exception.  Truly, bringing a man here who can’t even use a persona as your aid?  What were you thinking?”

Enough of this.  He may not be able to fight the shadows very effectively, but Raidou could still take down a human.  He maneuvered away from the throng, beating the lunging shadows aside with his katana.  It bothered him a bit to use the fine blade as little more than a club, but if he could get close to her, they could end this.

Butterfly pushed himself off the wall.  “You’re worse than any of them, accepting that in your soul.  It’s rotted through.”

“Look who’s talking.”  She looked to Souji.  “Eat the persona user,” she ordered her shadow.

Ammut began to head to Souji.

Butterfly rushed forward, Thanatos once more enveloping him.  He kicked the shadow in the face, pushing its trajectory closer to Raidou.

“You’ve got to clear your feet,” Butterfly shouted.

“Understood.”  Izanagi changed, quickly morphing into a handsome looking demon with blonde hair.  “Freeze them all,” he commanded.  Ice whipped around him, encasing the shadows.

Butterfly continued to kick around Ammut, occasional flames aiding him.  Raidou did he best to sneak towards the woman, gun drawn.  They could do this.

The Anubis shadow bared down upon him, mouth open to bite at him.

The ice cracked around the weaker shadows, causing them to splinter and fall.  None of them remained standing.

Raidou channeled his internal magnetite, switching his gun to his offhand so he could keep the katana in his main.  He lunged forward.  The katana slid easily through the shadow stuff.  He pushed his magnetite to his arm, enabling him to execute a flurry of blows well beyond a human’s normal ability.

He wasn’t sure how much damage the sword did, but the magnetite infused cuts proved fairly effective.  The shadow howled.  Raidou spun, forcing more magnetite though his body.  It formed a giant hammer, magnetite focusing through the old katana.

The hammer slammed the shadow against the wall.  Up and then down.  Now it was against the ground.  Remove the magnetite hammer.  Slice off the head.

This slice seemed to finally work, a final blow against an injured opponent.  The head hung grotesquely off its shoulder.

Raidou could choose to increase his natural magnetite draw when an opponent stood near death.  It could no longer properly hold everything in, so he just sort of convinced the magnetite free.

He hadn’t registered this with the smaller shadows, but this magnetite felt wrong.  He gagged.  The shadow disappeared, its energy consumed by Raidou.  The world began to spin.  The man who’d been using it let out a yowl of anguish.

Raidou couldn’t stand straight anymore.  He leaned against the wall.  Everything spun.

“What’s this?”  Sounded like the woman.

Raidou was vaguely aware that he puked, his body desperately trying to remove the strange magnetite.

His vision grew cloudy.

“We’ve got to take Ammut down now!”  Souji perhaps?

He slid down the wall.

A charm with the emblem of the Kuzunoha burned.

Stay conscious.  He had to stay conscious.  He had a group of newbies here.  He had to stay…

An image of the hall where he had trained flashed through his mind.

He fell to the ground, just managing to stay clear of his own vomit.

He could no longer see the room.  Instead he was somewhere very dark.  A moment later he lost track of sound.  He was vaguely aware that Souji and Butterfly must still be in battle, but could no longer hear it.  He couldn’t even feel the concrete floor.

A moment later the smell left him too.  A definite improvement.

He smelled incense.

Wood beneath his body.  The sound of gently running water.  A sunlit room.  Slowly, Raidou sat up.  What had happened?

He forced himself to his feet.  Exhaustion held him now.

Raidou could see a paper sliding door.  He gently pushed it open, stumbling outside.

A shrine courtyard greeted him.  White stones lending a sense of peace to the scene.  He could see the fountain just beside the small set of stairs leading down.

In the center of the shrine stood a large rock, wrapped in rope with the white papers to denote a kami.  On top of the rock sat a man.

He looked a lot like Raidou, but wore rather different clothing.  Basic jeans and a t-shirt with a math pun written on it. The only other noticeable difference was his baleful yellow eyes.

The man smiled.  “Long time no see, me.”

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Author’s Note: I am so sorry, guys.  I didn’t realize I had stopped so early.  It’s really hard to keep track of what I’ve written, posted, and what’s just in my head.  Anyway, hoping for weekly posts.  It might not always be this story, but I plan to post a piece of writing every week, and it’s usually going to be this story.

Anyway, planning to start posting to fanfiction.net fairly soon.  Those chapters will be slightly more refined.  Going to see about recording an audio version too.  It won’t be great, but I’ve held a boring job before and understand the value of something to distract you that can’t use your eyes or hands.

Currently feeling very inspired by Tokyo Ghoul.

Happy 2017

Happy 2017

Alright, let’s try this weekly vocaloid post thing again.  This week, it’s songs to rev you up for the new year.  Whether they pump you up or make you smile, here’s some songs to bring in the new year (or work week/day/whatevs).

Note: This is not a top of 2016.  Not by any means.  Even of songs I listen to, this is not what my top would look like, but I hope you enjoy.  Comments with vocaloid, or UTAU, producers and cover artists you like (who are on YouTube or some other easily shared source).  I’m doing this in an attempt to expand everyone’s horizons.

Miracle by GuitarHeroPianoZero feat. GUMI

One of the things I really like about GHPZ is the dance beat that almost always makes me smile and dance a bit, no matter what else.  I definitely empathize with this song.  Here’s hoping my vocaloid posts and writing can give people something to help pull them out of darkness.

They don’t have this song in particular, but he’s worked with a group called ASDR on Bandcamp.  They donate money to bestfrienders.org, a suicide prevention group.  If you like this song, you might want to consider picking up Dream with You.

UNBREAKABLE by YusukeKira feat. Ruby

No covers for this one, but I really like it.  I was asking a friend not long ago what English Vocaloid she’d suggest a newbie start with and she suggested Ruby.  Gotta admit, after hearing this song, I’m thinking about it.

Support the song on BandCamp

시미유쿠  by Vocaloid Studio feat. SeeU and Hatsune Miku

Thought I’d look for a cute SeeU song.  I really like her design.


Ignite by Expus feat. Daina

A song about not letting the past control you seems fairly appropriate for a new year.

Check it out on Bandcamp.

Narihibiku by CYO Style feat. Hatsune Miku

A song about entering the new year.  Seems appropriate to cap us off.

Support the artist on BandCamp.

Alright, that’s my first batch of the year.  Planning for many more.  In the meantime, you can check out the playlist for a steady stream of these songs and more, as I add them throughout the year.


Never “Just” Friends

Never “Just” Friends

A short story written as part of #talesofsanta.  You can also find it on my tumblr (lessiehanamoray).  Hope people enjoy.



Elysia sparkled.  Flickering flames hovered around the homes and lit the paths.  Earthen lanterns lined the paths, encasing the flames so they wouldn’t burn anyone who strayed.  Wind danced among the skybound fire, causing it to flicker and dance.  It even seemed to drift the flame away from anyone who wandered near.  The light reflected off of intricate ice sculptures and well-placed icicles.

The stars above shone like iris gems.  Indeed, their reflection in the snow below seemed to call out to long forgotten memories.

Sorey stared, an open-mouthed grin on his face.  He had seen the fire lights before.  The fire seraphim put them up on winter nights to help keep the town warm.  Sorey had never seen them used so artistically before.

“Yeesh, it’s really decked out,” Rose remarked beside him.

Sorey nodded eagerly.

Mikleo manifested beside him.  “I’ve never seen them use this many artes for decoration before.”


“Seems like overkill, if you ask me,” Edna grumbled, materializing just ahead of them.  She lightly twirled her umbrella, the out snowflake pattern catching the starlight and sending out a dazzling array around her.

Zaveid popped up just behind Rose and Sorey.  “Pretty awesome if you ask me.  It’s not often you get to see so many seraphic artes used in unison.”

Lailah appeared beside Edna.  “It certainly is breathtaking, isn’t it?”

“Then what are we waiting for?”  Rose marched towards the gates of Elysia.  “I wanna go talk to this gramps of yours.”

The party followed her through the gates. Upon crossing the threshold, the spells which marked Gramp’s domain, and hid the seraphim of the village, lost its effect.  The seraphim of Elysia appeared before them, standing in the central area of town.

Slightly in front of most of the town stood Gramps and…

“Alisha!” Sorey exclaimed.

The princess bowed.  “It’s good to see you again, Sorey.”

“Definitely but…”  Wasn’t she busy?  He paused, looking at her with his mouth slightly agape.

“I received a message requesting I return here,” Alisha explained.

“Can Princess Alisha see seraphim too?” Rose queried.

Edna jabbed Rose with her umbrella.

“Hey, what was that for?” Rose complained, skipping a bit away from the dangerous umbrella.  She’d seen enough hellions go down to Edna’s umbrella wrath.

“She needs to draw from Sorey’s power to see us,” Lailah explained softly in an attempt to quell the commotion before the whole village noticed.  Better the Shepard’s companions looked less childish in front of other seraphim.

Sorey decided it would be best to respond to Alisha.  “It’s good to see you too.  Can you sense the seraphim better now?”

“I still can’t see them,” Alisha admitted, “but I can certainly feel them more clearly than I used to.”  She spread out her arms.  “I knew when I first met you, that you hadn’t been raised alone.  This time I can feel the warmth of your family.”

“Is she sure that’s not all the fire talking?” Mikleo muttered.

“Come on, Mickey-boy, give the lady some credit,” Zaveid scolded, leaning over the younger Seraphim.

“Indeed,” Lailah added, “it is quite possible that, after her experiences with us, Alisha is much more aware of both seraphim and hellions.”

Gramps, Zenrus, stepped forward.  “The seraphim of Elysia decided that the Shepherd deserved a bright night for these dark days.”  He blew a puff of smoke from his long pipe.

The smoke swept across the ground, causing earth to rise into a simple long table.  Crystalline chalices and platters of food covered it, the smell of meat and vegetables wafting towards the group.  The fire seraph’s flames illuminated the feast, highlighting all the best dishes.

Alisha stepped back from the sudden display, more startled than distressed.

“Whoa,” Rose exclaimed, “that looks delicious.”  She rubbed her tummy eagerly, keeping her eyes on the food even when Gramps spoke again.

“Mikleo, Sorey, you work hard to bring light into the world.  You, and your friends.  You deserve a night of light and merriment.”

“Thanks you, Gramps,” Sorey and Mikleo replied eagerly.

“Yeah, thanks.”  Rose moved up to the food.

“It is quite the feast,” Alisha noted, seeming to grasp the general gist of events.

“Mabo Curry,” Edna muttered.  Lailah spotted a thin line of drool forming at the edge of her mouth.

Gramps clapped his hands.  Several seraphim broke off from the main group, grabbing instruments.  They then began to to play a lively dance tune.  Alisha looked towards the source of the sound.

“What lovely music.”

For her part, Rose took the cue to dig in.

“Hey, Sheps,” Zaveid leaned on Sorey’s shoulder, “I get she can’t see us.  Can she feel us?”

“Uh,” Sorey looked quizzically at Lailah.

The fire seraph shrugged.  “She has resonance, and she’s certainly aware of us, so… maybe?”

Zaveid offered his wolfish grin.  “Perfect.”  With that he moved away from Sorey and towards Alisha.  He adjusted his hat as he approached, making sure it couldn’t possibly fall off.

“This is going to end poorly,” Mikleo muttered.

Indeed, the seraphim in the village, even Gramps, were moving to create plenty of space around them.

“For once I agree with Mi-bo,” Edna replied.  Even she stepped back.

Zaveid grabbed Alisha’s hands.  She jumped.  Zaveid wrapped his large hands around her smaller ones.  She couldn’t pull them away.

“Are you a seraphim?” she asked, a vague stutter evident in her voice.

Zaveid shook her hands, mimicking a head nod.

“I can feel you,” Alisha replied, a slow smile spreading across her face.

Zaveid grinned.

“Uh-oh,” Sorey and Mikleo whispered.

Zaveid spread Alisha’s arms out.

“Sorey?” she queried, looking over to him in confusion.

“Just, uh…”  How could she follow the dance if she couldn’t see it. He spluttered for a moment before desperately turning to Rose.  “Rose, dance with me?”

Rose looked up from her food, spoon full of mabo curry in her hand.  “What?”

Zaveid began tugging Alisha around.  Sorey moved towards the table to grab Rose’s hands.

“Guess we need to show the princess how it’s done, huh?”

Sorey nodded even as he pulled her along.  Rose looked sadly at the food a moment before joining in.

Lailah clapped her hands in excitement as the groups began to dance.  Other seraphim joined in, giving Alisha and Zaveid plenty of space.

Alisha knew her way around most dances, even folk ones, allowing her to avoid collisions and guess several of the moves simply from Zaveid’s invisible lead.  With a little visualization help from Sorey and Rose, and quickly fell into step.

Mikleo sulked at the edge of the ring.  At least, until Lailah lassoed him right in.

Once Alisha got a hang for the steps, they began to dance properly.  The pace increased, and partner trading began.

Edna sighed as a fellow earth seraph drug her in.  Alisha would probably need the help anyway.  Most of the seraphs of Elysia weren’t strong enough to make their presence felt, even to someone who knew they were there.

Indeed, Alisha had a hard time with the partner swaps.  Sorey and Rose quickly realized to call out right before the shifts, and Sorey grabbed the princess’s hand for the first swap so she could figure out the motions.

She smiled at him in thanks.  “This is truly an incredible experience.”

He nodded.  “We’ll make this work, I promise.”

“Yeah.”  Her grin reflected the joy Sorey felt at being surrounded by friends and family.  He couldn’t help wondering, even if she only knew a few of the seraphim here, if she really did feel their warmth.

Maybe, even if humans couldn’t see seraphim, they might still one day dance with one another.  Certainly, Alisha seemed to be enjoying it.

She even enjoyed it when they passed partners again.  She was going to get paired with one of the fire seraphim, but he couldn’t grab her hands.

With a lovely twirl, Lailah replaced him.  She had the power to properly hold onto the twirling princess.

“We’ve got you,” Sorey assured her again, dancing off with another seraphim.

Alisha began laughing, truly caught up in the music and the light.

They spent much of the evening dancing, eating, and telling stories.  Whenever Alisha joined the dance, Sorey made sure to dance too, so she could watch his movements.  Even Gramps joined in on the fun for a bit, dancing with both Alisha and Lailah at various points.

They went to bed with full tummies and smiles on their faces.



Sorey stared out at the clouds below him.  Knowing what lay beneath the drifting sky made Elysia feel more isolated than ever, like it hovered on a mattress of cloud and hid under a blanket of stars.

So much darkness in the world, so much malevolence, so much pain.  None of it even visible from these heights.

He heard the crunch of snow just behind him.  Sorey leaned back his head to see Mikleo standing over him.

Mikleo dropped a blanket over his head.  “You’re going to get yourself sick.”

Sorey stood, draping the offered blanket over his shoulders.  No reason to get it soaked.

“What are you doing out here anyway?” Mikleo asked, moving beside him.  “The view hasn’t changed.”  His voice dropped as he spoke.

Sorey looked back over the ledge, what for so long had acted as the end of the world.  “No, it hasn’t.”

“But we have.”

Sorey nodded.  He could feel Mikleo looking at him, but continued looking at the clouds below.  Did they block all the stars from shining below?

One hand slid off the blanket to rest at his side.  Sorey wasn’t sure how long passed.  After a time he became aware that his left shoulder was colder than his right.  Despite that his left warm felt perfect.

Mikleo had wrapped a hand around Sorey’s left hand, gripping it warmly.

Sorey looked back up.  Mikleo followed his gaze so they looked eye-to-eye.  A definite part of Sorey had expected Mikleo to retract his hand the moment he realized he’d been caught.

Instead they just locked gazes, slowly turning to properly face each other.  Sorey reached out with his other hand, letting the blanket fall.  Mikleo received it.

They looked rather similar to how it had looked when Zaveid grabbed Alisha’s hands.  Stretched out and firm.

Remembering the lively music, Sorey began to sway his arms.

“What are you doing?”

Sorey gripped Mikleo’s hands tighter.  Then, after a deep breath, he quickly exclaimed, “Dancing!”

Suddenly, they were twirling around the field.  Snow kicked up in little flurries around them.

“Whoa,” Mikleo shouted.  He didn’t pull away though.  Instead, he began to join in properly.

Sorey began to hum the melody of the dance tune.

Mikleo whispered the harmony.

And they danced.

Sorey could feel the movement warming his body.  He could also feel the snow melting on him.  He’d get cold later, but for now, he felt entranced by by his surroundings.  Both the gentle snow and beautiful seraphim in front of him.

They pulled closer as they danced, until Mikleo’s face was about all Sorey could see.

Their lips just touched, Sorey’s lips catching onto Mikleo’s whistling ones.  All sound stopped.

For a moment they stayed like that, unsure whether to pull closer or further.

Sorey lifted the light seraphim up a little higher.  Mikleo pulled forward.

They almost seemed to hover there then, closed lips just touching, breath hot on each other’s faces.

MIkleo felt highly aware of the way Sorey’s hand wrapped around his lower back.  Sorey pushed him even closer, making it hard to breathe.

“Maybe I am gett–”

Mikleo kissed him, taking the opportunity formed by Sorey’s suddenly open mouth.  He could feel Sorey tense.  It only pulled them closer and lifted Mikleo higher.

And disrupted Sorey’s balance.  He fell onto his back with an oof.  Mikleo came down with him, even though Sorey had let go when falling.

Not one to waste an opening, Mikleo pressed back in with his kiss, hands reaching out to grab Sorey’s.

Sorey made no move to pull back, and even slid his hands so they could hold each other properly.

Mikleo pulled back.

“Your eyes are sparkling,” Sorey muttered.  The sparkling expressed his joy more than any grin ever could.

“I’ve always wondered…”

“…what you saw me as.”

“Are we friends?”



Sorey slowly sat up, wrapping Mikleo in his arms.  Mikleo returned the favor.

Sorey kissed him.

“You too, huh?” Mikleo muttered.

“I was so scared of you getting hurt, of scaring you away.  Nothing would be worse than you leaving me.”  Water began to pool under Sorey’s eyes.  He bowed his head.  “I don’t know what to do, and all the time I worry.  I worry you’ll get hurt, or worse, and I don’t know what I’d do.”

Mikleo leaned forward to kiss one of the tears.  “You’d recognize it was my decision to come with you.  Right from the start, I chose this.”  He nuzzled against Sorey’s face, appreciating his thick and soft hair.  “I know what could happen, but it could happen to you too.  I don’t know what I’d do, if I had to live with myself knowing I could have stopped it.  Always wondering, what would have happened if I was there.”

“Mikleo, I’m sorry I ever asked you to leave.”  Sorey squeezed the water seraph tightly.  “There’s no way I could have ever made it this far without you.”

“Obviously, you big doofus,” Mikleo replied with a smile.  He could feel water at the edge of his eyes as well, but refused to let it fall.  “And we’ve gotten to discover all sorts of ruins together.”

“And make a lot of new friends,” Sorey added.

“And discover so many secrets.”

“It’s really amazing how much we’ve learned.”  Sorey pulled back enough for them to really look each other in the face.  “Like the fact we aren’t just friends.”

“We never have been ‘just’ friends,” Mikleo scolded, “and we never would have been.”

“I know.”

“It is nice to know where you stand, at least.”  Mikleo leaned forward in Sorey’s lap, hand resting just a bit below the stomach, to highlight his point.

Sorey blushed.  “Now that would be cold.”

Mikleo blushed too.  Then, he just leaned back and laughed.  It didn’t take long for Sorey to join in.

“When this is all over,” he promised, or tried to, but he was hard to sound serious when just saying it made him laugh even more.

“You’re such a child,” Mikleo chided, despite his whole face going red.

“I still promise.”  Sorey’s smile softened away from pure mirth and towards warm love.  “I still promise that when this is done, you and I will explore the world.  We’ll see everywhere.  We’ll find every ruin.  And we’ll find a way for seraphim and humans to live together.”

“For us to co-exist.”

Sorey kissed him again.  “Nothing can stop that.”

Mikleo returned to kiss vigorously.  “You better keep your word, Sorey, because I’m going to hold you to it.  To many years exploring the world together, just the two of us.”

“It’s a promise.”  Sorey extended his pinky finger.

Mikleo wrapped his own around it.  “Pinky swear.”

“Pinky swear.  Now, I owe you for tumbling me into the snow.”

“You should probably get inside.”

The light in Sorey’s eyes warned Mikleo he had other plans.

Sure enough, a moment later Sorey pounced, landing on top of Mikleo and getting him soaked in cold snow too.

“If we get hypothermia in the morning, I’m blaming you,” Mikleo shouted.

“We’ll just have to cuddle for warmth then,” Sorey replied.  He wrapped his friend, his love, in a giant bear hug.  Mikleo playfully attempted to free himself, causing them to roll around in the snow.

It didn’t take long for laughter to ring through the clearing, tears rolling down their faces from glee.

They watched the dawn together, holding each other close.  They then returned to Elysia, where it turned out Alisha had just started to worry about Sorey.

Rose wasn’t up.  Edna was though, and she jabbed Mikleo for making the Alisha worry.  He pulled back a bit behind Sorey, grimacing.

“Was that really necessary?”

Lailah chuckled gently, directly fire to hover around the two and warm them up.

Zaveid gave them an odd smile, not so different from the one he gave to pretty women.  It sent a fresh shiver down Mikleo’s spine.

The wind seraph just laughed.

Alisha brought Sorey a warm cup of tea.  “Are you sure you’re alright?”

“Yeah.  Just had to think about what to do next.”  He took the tea.  “This has been great, and I feel a lot better, but there’s still a lot for us to do.”

“Yes,” she agreed.  “I will do everything I can to help.”

“Isn’t she sweet?” Zaveid commented.

“Princess Alisha is a fine ally,” Lailah reminded him.

Sorey smiled at her.  “I know you will, Alisha.  You’ve already done so much.  Sorry, if this pulled you away from an important mission.”

She shook her head.  “It’s fine.  I’m glad to see you again, and dancing with the seraphim was an incredible experience.  Not to mention knowing they trust me enough to invite me to their home.”

Sorey glanced over to the seraphim in the area.  They gave her space to avoid collisions, but Sorey didn’t get the impression she made them nervous.

“Oh, here comes Gramps,” he muttered.

The old seraphim looked Mikleo and Sorey up and down.  He puffed furiously on his pipe.

“Are you feeling better now, Sorey?”  He didn’t sound angry.


Gramps’ gaze turned to Mikleo.  “And you, Mikleo?”

“Thank you so much for this celebration.”

“That’s not what I asked.”

Mikleo’s face slowly turned red.

“Humf.”  The edge of Gramps’ lips curled up in a smile.  “Just make sure you lot don’t leave behind any regrets..”

“We know,” Sorey assured him.

Apparently content with that, the old seraphim summoned another table of food, this one emphasizing eggs and fresh bread.  “Then don’t leave home with an empty stomach.”

“I’ll go awaken Rose,” Alisha volunteered.

“Sure.  Thanks.”

Alisha rushed away.  Zaveid, Lailah, and Edna all turned to give Sorey and Mikleo an odd look.  Lailah even went so far as to cover her face with her papers.

“What?” Mikleo questioned, growing flustered.

“Did you two become adults while we weren’t looking?” Zaveid asked.

His own earrings probably could have blown Sorey over at that point.

“What?! What are you even talking about?”

“And here I thought you saw each other as brothers.”  Edna opened up her umbrella, turning around so that only it faced the two.  “Guess I was wrong.”

Lailah side-eyed them.

Sorey scratched his head.  “Are we really that obvious?”

All three seraphim regarded him and Mikleo, each smirking in their own way.



P.S. I received my Santa Secret just a little bit ago.  It’s a bunch of Tales of the Abyss GIFs.  They’re super sweet.


Fall to Rebirth: Chapter 24

Fall to Rebirth: Chapter 24

April 15th

Lazy Detective Agency

Souji wasn’t quite sure what he’d had in mind when Raidou had asked him to his office, but an old building in Shinjuku with the words “Narumi Detective Agency” written in faded lettering on the door hadn’t exactly been it.

The woman, sitting behind the desk of three monitors and two laptops, caught him even more by surprise.  She wore a giant headset on top of her neat black bun, yet still managed to look up when they entered.

“Welcome home,” she greeted.  “The tea’s ready.”

“Thanks.”  Raidou gestured to a couch in front of an old coffee table.  Souji and Butterfly cautiously sat down while their host poured them tea, bring it over on a tray, along with some red bean cakes.  The woman behind the desk resumed her tasks.

Raidou sat down across from the two persona users, reclining easily in the battered old armchair.  It had clearly been there a long time, seeming to conform the tall man’s form.  A black cat jumped on the chair’s back before settling its gaze upon them.

“That cat followed us,” Butterfly opened, staring uneasily at the feline.

“His name is Gouto. My secretary is Sakura Narumi.”

“The cat part of the agency too?” Butterfly asked.

Gouto nodded.

“So you really are a detective agency,” Souji mused, looking cautiously around.  Several black and white pictures hung on the walls, and he could just make out a staircase in the back.

“Correct.  We’ve been around since well before the bombings.  My grandfather and her great-grandfather ran it.”

“A family business?”

“We re-established it ten years ago,” Miss Narumi explained.  “However, our segment of the building is indeed from before the war.”

Raidou rested his head on his fist, gazing at Butterfly.  “First question, what are you?”

Souji jumped.  Butterfly, however, didn’t seem so surprised.  “Me?”

According to Igor he was a soul and god fused together, but Souji had no idea how Butterfly described himself.

“I’m a ghost,” Butterfly answered.

“Ghosts rarely manifest in the primary realm,” Miss Narumi remarked.  “While it answers the question at its most basic level I find it an unsatisfactory explanation.  It doesn’t even begin to cover your ability to manifest in a physical form.”

“All you’re getting.”

Raidou sighed.  “Miss Narumi?”

The woman stood, pulling out her phone.  “Stand in front of me,” she commanded.  Cautious, but more curious, Butterfly did as he was told.

Miss Narumi clicked her tongue.  “Thanatos.”

“Like this?”

“He appears to have modified some of his base data,” she continued.  “I do believe this may be the origin point.”

“Interesting,” Raidou mused.  “Go ahead and sit.”  Miss Narumi sat back down at the desk.

“I’m not just Thanatos.”

“Obviously,” Miss Narumi replied.  “Your information would come through clearly if you were.”  She looked at Raidou.  “Most likely a pact.”

He nodded.  “A man who runs suicide clubs and a god of death.”  He turned his gaze over to Souji.

“We’re friends.”

“You’re the one Kyou called out.”

Butterfly glared at Raidou.  “Tell him.”

“What?”  Souji turned to regard his companion.

“Go ahead.  I’m curious.”


“He knew about me,” Butterfly reminded him, “so just tell him.”

“Why is he after you?” Raidou prompted.

“We got into one of his clubs.”

“And took down a woman spreading apathy syndrome,” Butterfly added.

“So it is actively spread,” Raidou mused, biting his lower lip for a moment.  Miss Narumi typed vigorously at her keyboard.

Souji and Butterfly both nodded.


“We’re not quite sure, to be honest,” Souji replied.  “It has to do with shadows, but beyond that we don’t really know.”


“That which we hide,” Butterfly explained.  “Everything we repress, the shadow of who we are.”

“Shadows can come out and attack people,” Souji added.  “When I dealt with them at first they only appeared within a special realm connected to the human conscious, but these people seem to have figured out how to harness for their own purposes.”

“Similar for me,” Butterfly added, “but they actively prey on people who fit a certain profile.  These people develop apathy syndrome.  I’m not quite sure what’s happening this time.”

“Do you know his motives?”

“No” Souji admitted.  “That’s what we’re trying to find out.”

“They’re ripping shadows out of people,” Butterfly added.  “They then use those to create more powerful ones.  The suicide clubs draw people in, people who want to die, and they use them.”

A pause hung in the air.  Raidou chuckled slightly a moment later.

“I see.  Just one more question then.”

“What is it?”

“What can you do to stop it?”

There it was, hanging in the air like a heavy fog.  Souji looked to Butterfly for support.  He received an encouraging nod.  No reason to turn back now.

“Sometimes a full shadow comes out of someone.  Instead of a single fragment it’s more,” Souji paused, “more complete.  These shadows actively try to break the person they emerge from.  If they win, the person dies.  If the person instead accepts their shadow they can become a persona user.”

“This group, Armageddon, I think they do something similar, but instead of accepting their shadow and becoming persona users they steal the shadows from someone else.  I’m not sure why this is preferable, but I believe their leader is the only true persona user among them.”

“Persona,” Raidou whispered.

“In the psychology of C. G. Jung, the mask or façade presented to satisfy the demands of the situation or the environment and not representing the inner personality of the individual.  The public personality,” Miss Narumi recited.

“It’s what we use to combat shadows,” Souji added.  “We have to accept ourselves completely, but then we use these aspects to form persona and battle.”

“Well,” Miss Narumi remarked, “I suppose that would count as satisfying the demands of the situation.”

“You summon it?”

“Outer personality,” Butterfly reminded him.

Raidou looked up at Gouto.  “Have you ever heard of this?”

The cat shook his head.

The detective turned to look at Souji and Butterfly again.  “Could you show me?”

Souji sighed.  “I’ve never just summoned it to show someone,” he admitted.  “I’m not sure anything will happen.”

“Just try it,” Raidou urged.

Miss Narumi held out her phone.  “I’ll see what data I can gather,” she explained.  “I’m curious how this registers.”

Souji closed his eyes to concentrate.  “Izanagi,” he whispered.  He could feel the persona stir within him.  A moment later he felt the surge of energy as it materialized.  “This is Izanagi,” he announced, slowly opening his eyes.  “He’s my primary persona.”

“Fascinating.  The energy doesn’t register at all.  Are you getting anything, Raidou?”

He stood up, staring up at Izanagi.  “Can I touch him?”

“I don’t really know,” Souji admitted.  “He’s physical, but not, especially outside the shadow realm.  I guess you can see what happens.”

Raidou reached out his hand, tugging gently on Izanagi’s coat.  The tug connected and the coat moved.  To Souji it just felt kind of nauseating.  Raidou backed off.

Izanagi diffused.  “I can summon him a long time to fight, but I’ve never just pulled him out to show off before.  It does seem a little more exhausting in the real world.”

“Raidou?” Miss Narumi interjected sharply.

He looked at her.

“The police have a lead.”

Raidou stepped back to look at Souji and Butterfly.  “Looks like we have a lead on a suicide club.  The police can round up people.”

“But they can’t deal with shadows,” Souji confirmed.

Raidou nodded.  “If you’re telling the truth, I may not be able to either.”

“There’s a terrifying thought,” Miss Narumi responded.

Nodding, Raidou asked, “Do you want to come?”


“I’m not exactly endangering you further.”

What a different mindset from Mitsuru.

They both heard the whirr of a printer.  “If you’re going to work with us then you’ll need to sign some nondisclosure forms,” Miss Narumi explained.  “There’s no guarantee this is the right club, but it is owned by Kyo Kinamo.”

Raidou walked over to pull a couple of forms off the printer.  He brought a pen over as well.  “We need to protect confidentiality.”  He placed a contract in front of each of them.

Butterfly skimmed the contents.  “Well, this isn’t a bad way to keep us quiet.”

“We are professionals,” Miss Narumi reminded them.  “If you want to get involved we need to know you won’t become a liability.”

“So fast,” Souji whispered.  All of this, so fast.

Raidou walked across the room, grabbing a larger coat that hung.  “I’m leaving fast.  Thanatos, can you cover your own transportation?”

“I’m called Butterfly, and I can stick with Souji well enough.”


“He primarily uses a motorbike,” Miss Narumi explained.

“Excuse me,” Souji interjected, “but this contract almost makes it seem like I’d be working for you.”

“You’ll function as an intern.  You don’t have the appropriate background for it, but at least you’re the right age.”

“We may not get an opening like this again,” Butterfly reminded him.

“We still don’t know how much to trust them.”

Raidou pulled a weapons belt off the rack.

“I feel fairly confident they’re prepared at least.”

“No kidding,” Souji responded, eying the gun, “but it doesn’t help against shadows.”

“That’s what you’re for.”  Raidou turned to look at both of them.  “We can’t dawdle.”

“I’ve told the police to let us handle it, but they’re not exactly fond of the idea.  If you wait too long they’ll get moving.  We can discuss the full terms of your internship later.  For now, let’s just call it a trial run.”

Souji looked up at Raidou for a moment.  How had everything gone so smoothly?  He seemed understanding at least, even if not entirely trustworthy, and they definitely knew what they were doing when it came to detective work.

“Connections with the police would help,” Butterfly reminded him.

Souji signed the contract.

“Let’s move.”

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If you’re into vocaloid then you may have already heard about the kickstarter project for Vocamerica (found here), but if you haven’t, it’s an attempt to bring english speaking vocaloid concerts around the country.  Right now it’s just Nekocon, but there’s some nice prizes for backing and the better this goes off, the more likely it is to become a proper touring concert (at conventions at least).

The project is fully funded, and has hit several stretch goals, but if you want Sonika, or improvements to projection equipment, there’s still a bit more to go.  Seeing as I’ve posted some vocaloid song lists before, I thought I’d do some featuring the performers for Vocamerica.  If you like how they sound, consider spreading the love and backing the kickstarter project.

Click the titles if you want to head to the video on YouTube.  Also, you can listen to music on BandCamp without an account and, generally, without purchasing it, so don’t worry about following those links.  I just keep a wishlist and buy as I can, meanwhile enjoying the music to remind myself why I want it.

A Wicked Boy and a Tin Girl by Empath-P

If you like this song you can purchase it on Bandcamp (here).

Que decida el corazón by CYOStyle

Okay, so it’s in Spanish, that’s still definitely America (Latin America, not Spain).  Honestly, finding a good Maika song was my first time listening to this myself, and it’s quite lovely.  CYOStyle is listed as one of the contributing artists for Vocamerica and I have to sound this sounds quite nice.

I don’t think this is on an album currently, but here’s his Bandcamp account.

Breaking Point by MystSaphyr and Crusher-P

And one UTAU for variety.  I’m actually very fond of this song, so no problems here.

Pretty positive I’ve linked to this before, but here’s the album on Bandcamp.  I definitely suggest it.

Unbreakable by YusukeKira

I’ve had Ruby suggested to me before, but this is actually my first time seeking her out.  She does sound really nice, so I definitely look forward to hearing more.

There’s an extended version of the song available on Bandcamp.

Now, on to the stretch goal vocaloids!

Emotionless by Circus-P

So, this is not the most beautiful Avanna song out there.  I admit that and if this is your first exposure to her I, kind of, apologize.  If it makes you feel better, it was mine too.  And, honestly, I really love it.

You can find this song on Bandcamp here.  If you want to hear more of Avanna, I suggest hitting up this album.

Sunflowers in Your Eyes by Empath-P

As the list began with Empath-P so too shall it end.  Seems fitting seeing as she’s the one heading the project.  This song has come to mean a lot to me.  It both cheers me up and makes me melancholy, often calling on me to think of my friends.  Really, the whole album is like that (found here).

So there you have it, I’ll see about forming a proper playlist later, but this had to be a bit of a rush job to make sure I actually did it in time for people to donate to Vocamerica.

If you’re interested in what else I listen to on Bandcamp by account can be found here.  It’s mostly vocaloid and indie game soundtracks.  If you liked hearing some English speaking vocaloid you can check out my previous blogpost.  There may be doubles, I admit, but I generally try to avoid that.  I found some cool new songs looking into these vocaloids, so I hope you did too.


I added all but the Maika song to my English Vocaloid Playlist.  Amazingly, no doubles.


Also, the kickstarter has reached stretch goals for all of its vocaloids plus Big Al!  If you want in on it you can find the kickstarter by following this link.  As of posting this update there are only 29 hours to go.